[Jobs] Unity3D Dev, and DevOps

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We have two job openings at RenderHeads:

email david@renderheads.com if you are interested.

Interactive Software Developer
You would be creating software for a wide variety of technically challenging and creative projects, and implementing interactive experiences using the latest technologies.

Features of our typical projects:
Most development is in Unity
Visualisation and effects
Educational games
VR experience development
Integration with cameras, sensors and hardware
UI and animation development

Required experience:
C# and Unity
SVN / Git
Ideal experience:

Nice to Haves:
dotnet Core
iOS / Android development
An interest in UI and UX
An interest in improving workflow / tools
Shadertoy and other graphics rendering tech
Ability to travel (for on-site installations)

Devops / Systems Engineer
You would be maintaining and improving our systems that we use for creating applications and managing our distributed teams

Required experience:
CI Pipeline (Jenkins or Azure Devops)
AWS (VPC, EC2, EBS and S2)
VPN & Ingress Management (OpenVPN, Squid and Bind)
Play and Apple store certificate management

Nice to Haves
Microsoft Active Direcotry
dotnet Core
Security Certification

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