Durban Board Game Jam [27 Jan 2019]

The Unseen Shoppe is running the very first Board Game Jam in Durban! Join us for an inspiring day where you can collaborate with fellow board game and card game designers and stretch your creative muscles!

A Board Game Jam is a short focused session of game creation. We will all work with a theme announced on the day and collaborate in small groups to create something new. At the end of the day we will announce the winning game!

Registration starts at 10am.
Cost: R25 entry - and you will receive a R20 shop voucher.
Prizes to be provided by the shop and ICON Durban.

Please bring any components, pieces, items, paper, stationary that you might want to use on the day!


  • Any plans to combine this with GGJ? Seems like that might be cool :)
  • @francoisvn - I'm using the weekend of GGJ as inspiration (and hopefully we can use the theme - but that depends), but I'm not stepping on the toes of the GGJ Durban venue already in play. Also, I don't personally have the energy to host a full weekend event this year, so we're sticking to a Sunday and running this as a test run before the ICON events in JHB and Durban.
  • @dammit: Let me know if you need help on the day. I am very good friends with Shelley from The Unseen Shoppe and we are discussing publishing The Colony 2174 through her new entity.
  • @quintond - Thanks for the offer, but I should be okay. Why don't you come along for the day to jam, though?
  • @dammit -- I will definitely be coming through to say hello and maybe visit for a while. Need to bug Shelley and Brad anyway. :)
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  • For a first board game jam in a city that I don't think has an (as yet) established design community, it was a success! I certainly had a lot of laughs as we brainstormed through various ideas and landed on making games about hotels both run and frequented by monsters but who were being inspected by human inspection officers and other noisy people. Ultimately, we had 2 teams and both produced some really interesting games with loads of potential. So we gave everyone prizes.

    Hope to see more at our next jam - probably in about 2 months time. Same place :)
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