Mobile leaderboards help!!!

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Hey guys

I'm pretty much desperate now, I'm building mobile leaderboards into this game and I've tried TWO plugins and 3 tutorials, each of them either just doesn't work and/or installs a bunch of stuff which makes subsequent attempts more difficult. I just tried one more time with a tutorial and followed all the steps, this time there're not errors, but when I deploy and run the game on device nothing shows up in terms of google play games interaction (like player login etc).

Whattttt ammmmm IIIIII misssinnnnnngggggg???

This is the tutorial:

These are the code I've ended up with:

using GooglePlayGames;
using GooglePlayGames.BasicApi;
using UnityEngine;

public class SocialGooglePlay : MonoBehaviour 
	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
        PlayGamesClientConfiguration config = new PlayGamesClientConfiguration.Builder().Build();

        Debug.Log("social started");
    void SignIn()
        Social.localUser.Authenticate(success => { });

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update () {

    public static void UnlockAchievements(string id)
        Social.ReportProgress(id, 100, success => { });


    public static void IncrementAchievement(string id, int stepsToIncrement)
        PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.IncrementAchievement(id, stepsToIncrement, success => { });

    public static void ShowAchievementsUI ()

    public static void AddScoreToLeaderboard(string leaderboardId, long score)
        Social.ReportScore(score, leaderboardId, success => { });

    public static void ShowLeaderboardsUI ()


The above is attached to my main gamecontroller object, and I've checked with debug that it does run. Social login is supposed to happen at Start() where SignIn() is, in this case, right?

Then I use SocialGooglePlay.ShowLeaderboardsUI() and SocialGooglePlay.AddScoreToLeaderboard(GPGSIds.leaderboard_high_score, score) to show and add to the leaderboard respectively, right?

Please help! Thanks!

(I haven't even gotten to Game Center yet, that's going to be another nightmare too :/ )


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    I did the WrongPong Game on here. Crappy game but my focus was to learn the google API.

    What I do in the main menu is log in. Only after that I then show leaderboard and Achievements Buttons. Install it and tell me if that is what you are looking for. I will be glad to help you!

    Also some versions does not work. I have a Blank Unity project With Admob and Google Play dlls Working nicely for future apps.

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  • @dark_seth - yes I took a look at your game and that's exactly what I've been looking for!!! Any assistance in getting that set up would be MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciated!!!! <3
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