[Event] Cape Town Dinner - 29 Nov

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Update: FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/725050434517375/

Yo folks,

So hopefully you are all already aware this coming week is Africa Games Week, with many awesome things to attend. This means that it doesn't really make sense to also have a normal meetup this week (when it would normally happen). Wednesday night clashes with the Nordic Games Discovery Contest and I think most of the folks will be very busy with preparations for most of this week. I've also been quite busy myself, so sorry for only posting this now!

We briefly discussed this at the last meetup, and it was suggested maybe we organise a dinner get-together some time in the week. I believe the folks on train jam arrive on Wednesday, so including them would be cool. What does everyone think? What do you want to do? Playtopia kicks off on Friday, so I guess Wed and Thurs are the only real options. Maybe Thurs evening we all meet up at Eastern Food Bazaar?


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    I'm keen!

    I think Thursday night is the only night not currently clashing with Africa Games Week (as far as I'm aware).

    The Make Games Africa closing ceremony ends at 18:00 on Thursday. Perhaps Thursday evening 19:30?

    If there is a big group then do we need numbers soon (so as to make a big booking)?
  • If we meet at the Eastern Food Bazaar then we don't really need numbers, just a time to meet :)

    If there are no objections, I'll create a Facebook event and folks can come if they're interested and the more the merrier!
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