Left 4 Dead Card Game - Missing Files

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Please can someone share the rules they've previously downloaded for the card game I created Left 4 Dead Card Game I made in 2009 on the old NAG forums?


I've still got the card art I created but I cannot find a copy of my rules.

I've created a itch.io page for the game and I want to put up all the resources I can find.2

If you happened to have downloaded the rules in the past and still have a copy lying around somewhere you could send me I would be much obliged.
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  • Thanks @dislekcia for sending me what he had.

    The rules and cards are available on my itch.io page.
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    Hooray! I remember playing this at rAge back in the day, and I recall we all agreed it was a bang-on adaptation of L4D. So glad you managed to find it all! Now to print some cards...
  • It's just as good as I remember it :D And for me it's a stellar example that I want to show my students next year.
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