[SA Game Jam 2018] a slow sunday

SA Game Jam 2018
a slow sunday
72hr entry

Hey guys, this is my first Game Jam, have been making offline games and interactive, multi-platform journeys (for work and play), and had hoped would be able to develop at least some part in digital, but after changing ideas multiple times have kept it analogue and text-based. It has been as much an experiment with for myself and plan to develop the concepts further, the writing needs more work, but here it is for now! >>>


a slow sunday is a 3-part experiment for 1-player that requires their active imagination, openness and playful communication. The idea is based around a time-machine adapted from an everyday household object. This machine has left you stuck at 09:00 on Sunday morning (the time I finally decided on the direction – and so the name!).


The objective of the game is to inspire the player to (re-)imagine and (re-)interpret in several ways, to layer the infinitely creative narratives and possibilities from our own minds on top of the existing, tactile ‘reality’ that surrounds them. To interact internally and externally, to realise that we do not have to take things as seriously, statically and narrowly as we are told them to be – that our familiar day-to-day objects, environments and selves can also be injected with extra capacities, if only we allow ourselves to perceive differently and explore different depths and contexts.

Download file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XAXHri1VS1rGyL3S-Oa9i5Y547QlbJ_n/view



You play in 3 ways in order:
A is an imagination game,
B is an interaction with a non-participant to score points,
C is an invitation for you to develop your own way to play.

1. Analogue watch:
set to 09:00
take out battery
wear on left wrist

2. ‘It’:
take a small/medium-sized ‘everyday object’ (that you are very familiar with)
physically alter it (if necessary)
to embed it with TIME-altering capacities
write the word ‘POCKET’ on the back of it

3. Note x 3:
on each sheet write one way TIME will be altered + how to activate this capacity in ‘it’
fold so the writing is hidden
name them
‘A: Rewrite to Escape’
‘B: Convince to Win’
‘C: Whatever you Like’
put it in your left pocket

4. Book:
that you have read
fiction or containing characters

1 Player: 3 parts
The voice narrating (read out loud)
thetrainofthought (read silently)
Your active mind (answer in your mind)

Home: Indoor still / silent environment
Outdoor: Public space with people

SA GameJam 2018_a slow sunday v1.pdf
Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 17.58.58.png
2430 x 1458 - 3M
Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 18.04.35.png
2326 x 1460 - 3M
Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 18.06.36.png
2336 x 1460 - 2M
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