[SA Game Jam 2018] HIGH OR DIE

(SA Game Jam 2018)
Members: @RaptorTech4
Working Title
48hr entry

we tried our best we hope you all enjoy our project

The Game
Thanked by 1Jay


  • Cute setting. it was a bit difficult to progress, I tried a few times but just couldnt stay high ;)
    Maybe increase the run speed or have emergency blunt power-ups?
    Thanked by 1RaptorTech4
  • @Jwho303
    Thank you for the feedback and I will defiantly consider it thank you
  • Agree with @Jwho303, a tutorial or How-to is needed aswell,
    Great game keep it up :)
    Thanked by 1RaptorTech4
  • @sumisukyo
    I will try my best if I clean up the game more I will send it out but at the moment that is all I can accomplish in the 48 our time period
  • Jwho303 said:
    Cute setting. it was a bit difficult to progress, I tried a few times but just couldnt stay high ;)
    Maybe increase the run speed or have emergency blunt power-ups?
    I agree, I gave it quite a few goes but I couldn't get much farther than the balance log. Still though, it seems to work well enough otherwise, just maybe a bit quick to de-high :)
    Thanked by 1RaptorTech4
  • Agreeing with everyone about the getting un-high too fast. I liked that doing well (getting really high) obscures your vision, so it kind of acts like a self police-ing difficulty adjuster.
    Thanked by 1RaptorTech4
  • This was quite an interesting one.

    Things I didn't like:
    1) The character stopped when attacking. In a game where time is of the essence, non fluid attacks feel really punishing. I felt like I was stuck between making the better of two bad choices the whole time. I didn't want to attack because that slows me, but I couldn't just run past because then I'll unhigh.
    2) The enemies weren't in fixed positions. I feel like the game can greatly diverge on the design decision here. If you take the approach of randomly positioned enemies, then point number 1 becomes super important since the gameplay favours on the fly decisions and should reward the player for being able to "combo" their kills. If you take the fixed position approach it becomes more of a puzzle/mechanical execution style game that should reward the player for predicting/remembering correctly. Both are good, I just enjoy the latter more(most of the time).

    Things that I liked:
    3) The theming. Don't care so much about the weed aspect of it, but the fact that the thing that keeps you alive makes you weak as well. I think there is a lot of tension to play with in the high to stay alive mechanic. The fact that when you are doing well it becomes more diffucult to see and/or properly interact is really interesting to me. You are almost telling the player "Try your best, but not your best best...just your kinda best." :P
    4) The aesthetic or style or whatever it's called. The shimmering buildings and setting is close enough but far enough from reality that it adds makes interesting characters and structures fit but allows me to predict how the world would react based on real world knowledge. If I hit a thing with a sword it dies...but also, pumpkin head men can appear out of thin air.
    5) The strong contrast of the main character with the rest of the setting. I know that there are artists here and loads of resources online that go into great detail about how to make the player stand out but I like the fact that he's simply orange. I don't think I'll ever be able to lose my position on the screen even when it get's overwhelmed with enemies on screen.

    Things that I'm not sure of:
    6) I don't know how I feel about your high points being the same as your hit points. It simplifies the information that you need to care about a lot which is great, but at the same time I felt really punished for engaging in something that I had to do all the time ie. fighting. Maybe it's just a case of the values for damage aren't tweaked yet. I dunno.

    Good job! I think there is some good potential here if you want to explore the concept further.

    Codename_Weed (huehuehue)
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