[SA Game Jam 2018] ArmaGebba


Here is my team's submission for SA Game Jam 2018

Make the correct choices as a time traveler who corrupted the time space continuum by dropping a Gatsby in the past.
Save the future.

Edit: game state is currently unfinished and I hope to get back to it in the future.
48HR entry
Images were found online under open licences


  • Is the game finishable? tried a bunch of things but didnt find the gatsby.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the tune!! Also some nice backgrounds there
    Thanked by 1megaguy32
  • This game has a really great concept and the time travel narrative fits the theme really well. It also looks very cool and retro.

    Something that I noticed is that when I click, it is sometimes read as a double click and then I don't get to choose my next step - or even read it. This might be a small bug that you guys can update.

    Well done though!
    Thanked by 1megaguy32
  • I always love seeing narrative-driven games pop up during jams but it can be really hard to make a complete package! I'm intrigued by the possibilities of the design you proposed and it's unfortunate that you didn't get the time to really explore that.

    This said, I enjoyed navigating all of the interactions presented thus far, and noted the presence of one or two little sequencing challenges. Nice experience.
  • Sorry. I tried but the game doesn't seem capable of running on my machine. I see a grey window with a white block in the corner and some music. :(
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