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Hi everyone!

This is the first game I've made. I made it in Game Maker Studio Trial, so I can't export. Still getting my feet wet regarding what software to buy. So I thought I'd upload a video.

Basically it's a 2D platformer with temporary power ups to jump higher and move faster.
I came here to learn, help out and give it a go. Thanks to New Reality for hosting us here in JHB and other folks helping me out!
njoi - any feedback would be appreciated.

(no sound)

SA Game Jam 2018
Hobbyist @CGVega
[edit] 48 hour entry.

update: I've attached the Game Maker Studio 2 files, which can be opened and run.

more info: Coded from tutorial, tiles were reskinned, all other artwork I did.

Left & right arrows or A & D
jump is space or up arrow


  • I was able to see a live demonstration. The running power ups adds to the player's momentum and urgency. And i can see a lot of fun potential with the way levels are laid out so that the player can build up some amazing combos on the run. My biggest recommendation is to reduce the player size in relation to the building blocks of your world, allowing you to build bigger maps with less effort. Also. Having the camera zoom out as you gain speed so that the player can see ahead.
  • I have updated my original post to be a 48hr entry and uploaded the Game Maker Studio 2 file.
  • First off, AWESOME! It always makes me happy to see someone attend their first jam!

    Ok, so into some feedback. I've only watched the video since I'm unsure of how to actually run the game(I'm assuming I might need GM?).
    1) I like the fact that the power ups respawn. I feel like this would prevent the players from feeling punished by not making a jump and it also makes it EXTREMELY clear how they are supposed to succeed at the jump. That is some really good on boarding for the mechanics.
    2) Later on when the multiple "paths" open the player can take there is an abundance of powerups which (I'm assuming) feels very visceral and enjoyable. So I like that aspect as well.
    3) The mechanics seem really interesting to me. I feel like it's a cross over between an endless runner and a classical platformer.

    The main issue I can see from the video is the camera controls. Now, this is not an easy thing to get right. This video is an old one but a good one. It'll give you some insight in what makes some good camera controls for a platformer.

    Once again, well done for showing up and making stuff. :)
  • @rigormortis

    Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately you need game maker 2 to run that file. I'm thinking about taking the advice of fellow game jammers and switch back to unity and just soldier on.

    yeah, it did feel real good just speeding up and jumping far. reminded me of Crackdown on xbox 360. So I was quite proud of that fact.

    I made the game using a tutorial and just used art I made. The tutorial had mouse aiming and shooting, which flipped the character, etc. i didn't want shooting, so I tried to undo just that part, and couldn't figure it out. So I decided to keep the mouse character flip, and attach the camera to the cursor to have you look around for platforms or whatever. If I could just slow it down, and have it zoom out when you jump like Pierre said.
    and I'll check out that video!

    I'll be back next year with something better. and with a proper .exe
  • Hey, pity we can't play the game. But thanks for posting a video!

    I think there's something really clever that I can imagine working well in a Sonic style game. Needing to collect things in the right order to achieve greater platforming powers, and the system has the potential to some times have players coming across unexpected or secret solutions to platforming puzzles.

    It feels like this would be GREAT for speedrunning, and as players learn the levels they learn to exploit the combinations of powerups better and better.

    I think it'd be nice to have some indication on screen of when the powerups are going to run out.

    And maybe there's some ways to allow the powerups to overlap in more ways. Like being able to pick up a "Timer" powerup that refreshes the duration of all the currently collected powerups. And then planning the route through the level might involve cleverly collecting timer powerups at the right time.

    I feel like this mechanic (of collecting overlapping temporary powerups) would have really worked well in a game like Run Man.

    The little squash on the character as he touches the ground is a nice touch!

    But I'm less certain about the screen shifting its following offset whenever you change direction? I understand the need to see ahead in the level, maybe it's possible to make that shift based on velocity rather than facing direction (so only when you're travelling very fast can you see very far ahead).
  • @EvanGreenwood

    Thanks for the comments and advice. On screen indication is a must, in fact there's not much explaining what's going on.

    Also agree with the camera needs a lot of work. I thought about zooming out as jump height increases like pierre said, and coupling that with shift based on velocity might get it there.

    Next year I'll have something playable, for sure.
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