[SA Game Jam 2018] Distressed Clown Simulator

SA Game Jam 2018
Distressed Clown Simulator
Hobbyist @Wes_Matthews and @ShaSha
48 Hour Entry

We're aiming to make a juggling game with a similar vibe to Getting Over It. (We've never really made anything in Unity before :D )

Controls: Right Arrow to pass an object from the hand on the right to the left. Left and down arrows build up energy to pass the ball from the left to the right.


Immediate Goals:
* Get the control scheme and physics to a point where you can juggle more objects and add a scoring system.
* Add different kinds of objects that need to be charged longer to throw as high.
* Hook up the rest of the graphics.

800 x 402 - 33K


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    Aforementioned Clown :)
    1200 x 604 - 85K
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    800 x 464 - 82K
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    Broken it may be, but I'm already getting a good sense of what you're hoping for and I wish you the best in getting to your goal. I feel like if this were a 72 hour entry I'd say you can call everything else "done" and purely focus on how the ball motion feels for juggling!
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  • I played this and had a lot of fun with it. It's challenging but I enjoyed it a lot! It's interesting to try and manage all the things flying through the air while controlling the hands and trying to get the timing right. Good job!
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  • damn, that's cool. I think speed it up a bit, but it's really cool.
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    Thank you!

    It's been an educational experience for us. We might polish up at some point but happy with what we were able to get into it.



    Left and right arrow keys can be used to charge a throw at the opposite hand.

    Sound effects were sourced online, music was made with BoscaCeoil.
  • That was really fun and therapeutic. Well done.
    Cute sounds and excellent use of theme
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  • Man, that is a great idea!! Very very well done!
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  • Played and glad to see you fixed all the important bits! A great little game, well done. Feels like form is matching function well. I like how well a literal juggling simulator fits with the theme and I like the emergent thought patterns and resource management that goes into the whole process.
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  • That was awesome, core mechanic is simple, but escalates really well. Sounds were great! It's a neat little entry.
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    Ha! This was great! Clear, simple, little tiny game that feels exactly like Real Juggling (TM) :) Okay I don't know for sure since I can't juggle for real :P

    But it feels great and almost feels like mastery of this can lead to real mastery of Real Juggling :)

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  • SICK! I was keen to play this since you posted the concept. I played one of the early builds that you posted and was already sold on the simplicity of the idea. The control scheme is what sold it for me. I honestly felt like I was juggling. Art direction winner.

    Only issue I had was that I had to press a long time to get the throw I wanted. I think that could do with a little bit balance.
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  • Solid concept. The art and music are quirky and slightly eerie - reminds me a bit of manic mansion or day of the tentacle. Some clever programming going on with the path of the ball.

    Overall - while first impressions are good, there's not enough depth to keep me playing for more than a couple minutes.
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  • I managed to juggle four things for a bit and I have to say I felt like a total boss :')

    You guys went a tremendous distance from the first playable iteration of the game. In terms of what I would like to see is the clown also being animated, but aside from that, it's simple, it works well, and the quirky music and setting was great. Good job, guys!
  • Very cool idea :) cool game
  • genuinely had fun here!!! :D should start a high score thread!!
  • Thanks so much everyone, gives us noobs a lot of hope ^_^

    @jamotaylor If it reminds you of Day of the Tentacle I take that as VERY high praise (first PC game I ever played, I blame most of my psychological developmental issues on that game). We had and still have a big list of things we wanted to incorporate into the game, but most of our time got sunk into figuring out Unity. Hope to encounter different (less amateur) challenges next time.

    We're continuing working on the game as a learning project (so that we have at least half an idea what we're doing when the next jam comes up). We've managed to get particles in and we're working on a parallax game set where the camera adjusts to how high you've thrown your... things.

    For gameplay we're testing stuff out to make it a wee bit more tactical and allow you to juggle more items and give a better sense of progression in some way. Will create a new link so as not mess with our Jam entry and hopefully you'll be kind enough to give us feedback on that. :)
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  • Really Great concept crazy loved the hell out of it, increasing the speed of the charging up might help :D
  • This was a simple, but super engaging little prototype!

    Some random points of feedback:

    - To heighten the decision making available to you, it would be helpful if there was some feedback as to when the cannon would release the next item, which would help you decide how high to throw items. Often the next item came out of nowwhere and felt unfair! At least if you know when it's coming it'll just be your fault :P
    - It would be neat if you could charge up hands without objects in them. There could be penalty for doing this like: when you have no object in your hand, the charge is slower etc. Just helps players plan a bit more maybe? Especially useful when all objects are in the air and you don't have much to do!
    - i like the controls choice that charged up throws don't release until you release the button - gives you a bit of decision making as to when to release something for timing purposes.

    Overall this was great fun! Loved how effectively it got across the feeling!
  • I loved the timing aspects of this game, and the art-style of it. The challenge of managing and controlling everything, keeping watch of what you have to do kept me at the edge of my seat.
  • It was much harder juggling than I expected! Shame, I feel distressed for that poor unhappy clown.

    I thought it was a really clever way of handling juggling. Like I said, it seemed like it shouldn't be that difficult, but my juggles spun out of control very quickly.

    Nice job with your first Unity project! It's a novel little experience that captures the feeling of juggling pretty brilliantly!
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