[SA Game Jam 2018] - Three Little Birds

SA Game Jam 2018
Three little birds
48hr entry

Platformer type threesome.


  • I really like it, the art was really nicely done. The second level stumped me for a little bit until I realised you could wall jump. all in all, I really dig it, it's a nice framework for a game. I can see how having three different characters could introduce interesting puzzles. Good job!
  • Ahhh, I'm sad you didn't have time to explore this further! There's always a lot of playful space inside these kinds of puzzle games. One immediate tweak for interest, I think, would be to make the birds stackable on top of one another. Right now the puzzles have, as you noted, oriented around the use of one bird, or simply separating the three with walls. Thanks for jamming!
  • Initially I was confused because I started it up in a smaller resolution. This caused the camera to cut out most of the important things I needed to see. I soon realised this though, restarted the game and got back into it. I love the quirky little animations and characters and the controls are really responsive which is nice. A little music would be nice, but overall, the feel and execution is well done. Bummer there weren't any other levels, because it was done as soon as I really got into it. Great job overall though!
  • Hmmmmm. Is the build still available? The folder seems to be empty for me.
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