[SA Game Jam 2018] Bet your life

Jam: SA Game Jam 2018
Name: Bet your life
Level of experience: Hobbyist
Members: @LittleBear
Time: 48 Hours

Idea: You start with 3 hearts each representing a hit point, you then place a bet on your fight that will take place, if you bet 2 hearts then you only enter the fight with 1 heart, as you win the bets your hearts increase and you can take on bigger enemies.

Ok gents life is getting in the way this time around, there is no way i'm going to make it in time, Going to withdraw for now and make this a prototype to finish in a month. Good luck to all and looking forward to playing the entries!


  • Ah, it's a shame you're pulling out, sounds like an interesting idea. So I gather that even if you lose a bet, if you have at least one heart left the game isn't over? I'd dig to see if it does get made down the line
  • Ya my HDD crashed and I lost my data then my ISP dropped me by going down for repairs, everything just broke. Hoping to make a quick prototype, just like doing my own little 48hr thing.
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