[SA Game Jam 2018] Sole Food

Jam: SA Game Jam 2018
Name: Sole Food
Level of Experience : 2 Students, 1 Professional.
Members: @PartyPanda, @BenCrooks and @LauraSeal
Time: 48 Hours

Game Idea:
A point and click game about self-realization, where the player begins with the most limited view of the world. All you can see is the feet of your character as they engage with the feet of others. As the game progresses, your worldview begins to expand - escalating the possibilities for interaction within the environment.


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    First step :)
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  • Awesome! This seems like it will really fit well within the jam. Hope you ride the line well on content, it sounds like that could get heavy.
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    Some characters and "the shining" twins
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  • Your escalation concept is great. I really like how you come at the theme by using art as your escalation mechanic. It sounds like a game that affords the right player the opportunities to stop and think for a bit and maybe take something bigger away from the whole experience. A life lesson learnt through a game perhaps? Interesting. :)
  • This is so awesome! Love the concept, and the shadows of the characters!
  • 2D for the Win! (⊙ヮ⊙)
    It's amazing how much has already been accomplished.

  • Yassss! This looks like it's going to be meaty! Hope the twins mean there is a dark undertone to the story. Looking forward to seeing more.
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  • We had a bit of a major bug with the dialogue not showing... So here is our build... again :P

  • We were also going to have the player walk back after the narrative so that you see the environment unfold, but we ran out of time. so unfortunately you don't get to see all the detail in the characters and environment
  • I really liked the reveal. I see now you ran out of time. I kept expecting the coin dude to be super creepy like the bum from Mulholland Drive . cool art
  • Hey! Just tried this. Definitely would have liked this >
    We were also going to have the player walk back after the narrative so that you see the environment unfold, but we ran out of time. so unfortunately you don't get to see all the detail in the characters and environment
    Overall, I think the interactions were simple enough and effective! Great work guys!

  • The concept is cool and the art is very charming I like it.

    With regards to communication it wasn't that easy to tell who was speaking maybe more contrasting colours for the text or a name above the dialogue.
  • Seeing as we didn't get to show the background art in the game, I thought I would post it here for anyone interested.
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  • This was a great little narrative, well done! The activities were simple enough but what I loved most was finding out more about the character in bits and pieces. In fact it was great to see all of the characters emerging as they did.

    I think the background needed a little extra in terms of that "perspective interest" but I respect having to work under pressure here. The comments about text are good ones, especially since I think I may have skipped individual lines here and there -- something worth defending more against in a story driven experience.

    Novel and well-suited to the competition. Congrats!
  • No Mac build? WebGL? :)
  • I don't have much more than what people have already said. Art style is nice but I mostly like the animations. The narrative context design of revealing more of the characters' character along with the visuals is great mechanic.
  • Yasss! Very clever overall! Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    -As already mentioned above, an association between character talking and text displayed needs be more clear as your font choice is quite thin.
    -Separating movement from dialogue progression; I would spam to move and then skip through some of the dialogue. (could be different inputs like arrows for movement or just a button next to the text or the text field is a button)
    Small personal gripe about calling your partner "Babe" ToT ... but hey free world

    Otherwise nice animation, simple controls and clever narrative. Well done!
  • Your art really shines and the whole concept is very unique. I agree with previous comments and would recommend you make it a bit clearer who the dialog is from as a start. Overall the whole revealing of the characters is an interesting concept as it illustrates having preconceptions before seeing/understanding a whole picture. I get what you were aiming for. I hope you polish it a bit more and complete it to do it justice. There is a whole lot more you can do with this.
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