[SA Game Jam 2018] Limb Salad

(SA Game Jam 2018)
Members: @CodeNinja& @Stygian65
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48hr entry

Yea, we were the guys who took the theme literally. ;-)
You're goal is to rack up a high score by flinging people from an escalator!!
As your score increases, your flinging strength rises ....and you can throw grand ma over the screen!

Just a quirky fun game, hope you enjoy!

Here is a WebGL version:


  • Thanks everyone, was a lot of fun, our first ever jam.
    Learned a lot about what can be done in 48hours!!

    See you next time!
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  • Bodies everywhere! Having fun with this. Nice one.
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  • All I could think of was ridiculous bonuses. Had a great time launching my victims, thanks.
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  • Loved it, had a laugh!
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  • Hey, just gave this a try. Love the quirkiness of it! I think your sound (back track) isn't on loop because it stopped playing after a good few minutes in. Also it would be really helpful it the meter you use to determine the distance of your jump showed like a low, medium and high power ranges indication so we have an idea of how far we can go from the slider. This is obviously implied but when the meter adjusts to allow further movement the ranges change and we have to refigure out how much to move the slider. So it would be more helpful if a range indication was given.
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  • Stress relieving. Put a smile on my face
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  • LOL! Thanks guys....

    Our first ever game jam...crazy how the scope changes every 45 minutes!!
    Next time we won't approach it the same, I guess this is how you learn.

    Going to play some of your games now!

    @kristy_lee0, thanks for the feedback, your work looks great, love the art style! Gonna play that soon!
  • Well done! This game is really fun and entertaining - I enjoyed playing it.

    I do agree with some of the other comments - that it would be nice to get some kind of feedback when you go up a level, and an indication of range (as posted earlier).

    Excellent job guys!
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    Oops I caught myself laughing at the dudes getting flicked off an escalator, almost has one of the flash games feel to it, ala turtle toss. The screams caught me off guard, and I thought the camera panning was too slow, specially as the levels increased. Would have been nice to see an introduction of more mechanic as play goes on, like a parachute to help land dudes if you flick them into the right spot.
    heh the scope dragon is real. Not only for game jam games.
    Thanked by 2Stygian65 Ross
  • Thanks everyone.. we had such dreams for this game. A mascot, called escalatorus-rex, gore, dismemberment, etc... Your normal elevator-launcher kind of things. Would have loved to tweak the mechanics and give better UI feedback still
  • I absolutely LOVED it! The game is hilarious I cannot even breathe from all that laughing, cannot wait to see more future builds of this game. Reading from other peoples comments, I would like to add a suggestion if you can add more varieties of sounds when they are flung (which I cannot wait to hear) and more environment assets to fill up the negative space in the world. The mechanics of the game is stunning and simple. Thank you for a fun game, keep on making an amazing game. (。◕‿◕。)
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  • Simple and quirky.I had a lot of fun playing (mostly for the horrified granny screams)

    It wasn't obvious to me how many more points i was getting for tossing people in further bins as such i mostly just piled them up in the first bin until i tossed some poor guy to the moon. So i think communicating just what each bin will get you will go a long way to making it more satisfying.

    It also should indicate when I'm able to launch again there's a long time after having launched someone where its unclear if i can launch again.

    Otherwise i was smiling the whole time playing.
    limb salad shot.PNG
    609 x 443 - 91K
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  • I had fun playing this and had a good laugh while playing this.

    I liked the quirkiness and simplicity behind this, also have replay-ability. Maybe by adding more obstacles along the way can add to that, for example hitting a flock of birds in air, or a road upwards with busy traffic and for every car that hits you, you get points etc. Some bloody particle for the landing and it can go with that horrific scream.

    Good job and thank you for a fun game.

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  • Definitely needs to be taken to mobile, Nice :D
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  • Looks like you had a good time making this! I like the simple chaos / OTT-violence you've struck at this, I think working on the UI more would definitely be a priority for the future, but it looks like you've learned a heck of a lot from this jam experience and looking forward to seeing more game takes in the future!
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  • Had quite a bit of fun with this one. Never thought flinging ragdolls around would be so much better with those voices behind it. I liked the simple art, and the overall responsiveness of the mechanic. Only thing I noticed was at level 4, there's a particular spot just behind the last point-box where the characters clip through the ground. Aside from that, 10/10 would fling old people again.
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  • Funny game. i sent grandma flying hehe
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  • Had a lot of fun playing this. Not sure what the overall objective is in terms of the storylines? How does on win this game? Is there a context in which the game is taking place?
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    Thanks for the feedback @xdode, yes, a LOT missing from the game. The 48h got to us in the end. Maybe we should finish this one :-)
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  • Feedback:

    - I enjoyed the premise, not sure about the name mapping to the game, but the premise once in the game feels good.
    - It looks great and sounds lovely.
    - The screams could vary a bit as repetition kicked in very quickly. Having just 2 more samples would have made some difference. The pitch could be tweaked programatically to create variety.
    - Propelling people off the top of the escalator would be SO COOL if it looked like the speed of the escalation (lol) actually was the thing doing the propelling - so instead of the person stopping at the top and then you setting a power, they start at the bottom and you made them go up the escalator at x speed.
    - There's not much feedback in terms of the relationship of the bar to the actual power of the toss. The power of each throw seems to intrinsically increase, but as the player you don't know that until it gets really out of hand and you're throwing people off the map into the unknown. Without stability in throw power or feedback to how much "base" throw power you're working with, it feels like a crap shoot and not a skill you can master (to be fair, Evan did talk about the meta skill being a secondary concern in this theme) (but then you have goals to hit so it immediately felt like I was trying to aim for the containers)
    - The possibility space didn't feel like it was opening up as much in terms of possibilities - going further and further is like one dimension of possibility as opposed to possibilities (plural). I think that's important in this theme. Perhaps if further goals had more interesting things that could happen (like bumpers that bounced things/people around, or teleporting pads, whatever).
  • Throwing old people off an escalator has never felt so satisfying
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  • Such a fun game. I found a bug, but I couldn't recreate it again. Sometimes when I use full power the victims will fall through the floor.
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  • @KleinM we never thought anyone would play that far hehe
  • lol hah! loved it
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  • Physics and terrible cruelty to stylised ragdolls is probably always going to be (at least a bit) of a good time!

    I appreciated how the elevator music fit the blocky characters and overall art style. I felt that the game would look better with shadows, but the camera that looks at the world from the side meant that the depth of the thrown character was still easy to understand.

    Something I would really have liked to see with the screams is to have a long scream that continues as they fly off: that scream could have a bit of a doppler effect on it if the character moves away faster than the camera, and combined with a fleshy crunch (that ends the scream) could've really exaggerated the humour. If you were to continue working on it, perhaps other things in the environment, like trampolines, slides or aeroplanes could be interesting things to try to hit.

    It looks like you had a great time though, and learnt a bunch, so there's a lot to be proud of!
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  • Thanks @Elyaradine

    we're considering whether or not we should continue ... But if we do, those are definitely ideas we will implement :)
  • This was quite a bit of fun, the ragdoll physics and ridiculousness were great. Some feedback: I think it would be really nice if you could have found some way to visually represent the increasing power that comes with levelling up, it would have been much easier to know exactly how much relative power your throws had (to the previous level) I found it took me several throws to adjust to the new power each level. Related to this, being able to see the power of your previous throw would also have been great. I struggled with the sound effects, they kinda took me by surprise and were pretty intense. Also, I encountered a bug on level 4 where the guys started falling through the terrain.

    But man I really wanted to keep playing until I managed to get someone in the really high couch-shaped box.
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  • That scream got me. cool idea!
    I had a shower, and once I came back I could quite easily fling people off the map. Not sure if it had anything to do with the time played? Apart from the panning speed and physics bugs, A way to progress like the ability to place trampolines or something would be cool to see. It may fit the theme nicely as well.

    Also, what is that crystal doing in the background? Seems oddly specific. :D
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  • @Ross, good eye... I put the crystal there and forgot to remove it.. might use it for something in the future though :) Thanks for the feedback
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    Love the shopping mall/muzak/exterior/construction site aesthetic! The camera movement also felt funny and good. Slider power was a bit confusing. Had a laugh and always fun to fling some limbs around. Would be interested to play again with some of the suggestions made above :)
  • Nice interpretation of the theme and very enjoyable to play :)

    More ambient sounds and a bit more scream variations would be a nice touch. Would also be cool if you could skip the camera sweep back to the escalator and get right back into the action.

    Damn, couldn't get anyone to land in the last bucket lol

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