[SA Game Jam 2018] Wazoo, The Hunt

Name of Game: Wazoo, The Hunt
Level of Experience: Hobbyist
72 hour entry

As this is my first time, I'm deciding to opt for the 72 hour entry. This game has been in the works before, but only started. Follows the text based game, Hunt the Wumpus, giving it a more 3d look and feel.
1170 x 567 - 640K
1178 x 566 - 1M


  • Team: 2 other members.

    I've done the groundwork, now to get the play in motion.

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  • Looks pretty! Looking forward to first gameplay demo.
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    Looks great so far. Only advice I have is to add some loose rocks that you can push into the cave rock surface, just to break the texture and add variation. Also reduce the noise and roughness a bit on the rocks and ground.

    Can't wait for a gameplay build to release.
  • Looks like it could be a cool game. Did you manage to make a build?
    Only comment I can give from seeing the video is that you need to work on the lighting of the scene, caves and tunnels won't have sun shining from the top

  • @Nandrew @luigi_weo @KleinM
    Thanks for your response and comments. Will take them all into consideration. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the submission deadline. However, not giving up, will have a working build soon and would like to be at Africa Games Week and Playtopia in November. Hopefully things go well for me and my small team. Thanks again.
  • @ladyinblack This looks very cool. The environment you've created reminds me of an old RPG game called Stonekeep for some reason. Glad you're not giving up and looking forward to a working playable build you have planned.
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