[SA Game Jam 2018] Cycling Manager

Biking - Cycling Manager
72hr entry - plan to have Alpha version online by Monday morning

Online Browser based management game. You run your own cycling club. You manage the club facilities, riders, training and finances.

Escalating Possibilities is through improving the club and the riders through training them, facilities and possibly equipment (bikes, saddles etc). As cyclist get better they can enter more prestigious competitions - maybe even the tour de france - but I'd liek that to be done through the club joining a professional team where each club in the team contributes a rider.

It has been many many years since I last entered a weekend game dev competition.

1888 x 592 - 90K


  • Registration page complete - can create user and club - but no riders yet. Off to bed, see you tomorrow.
  • When registering a starter team of 5 riders is created.

    Displaying of the squad of rider complete.

    Want to have basic training completed before I go to sleep. Then tomorrow I can create the code for the races.

  • Looks like I wont have enough to be a valid entry by 18:00 :(
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    Aww, sorry you weren't able to make it in time, it happens. Hope you learned lots in taking the time! Maybe post it anyway with a proviso, some people might be able to give some feedback in any case!
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    I've got a better name for you - which is guaranteed to get you a large following: James Franco Cycling Manager ;)

    Too bad about not making it, but your approach has given me an idea - next game jam I'd like to try a pure web-based game - my front-end skills could do with the practice.
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