Playtopia Call for Game Submissions

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Hey Gang!

We are happy to announce a call for game submissions for the Playtopia Festival!

What is Playtopia?

Playtopia is going to fill the historic Cape Town Castle of Good Hope with indie video games between 30 November 2018 to 2 December 2018 as part of Africa Games Week! We want to showcase the best, most experimental and interesting games we can so that we can connect, amuse, educate and grow an inclusive game development community in Southern Africa.

Submit your games!
We're looking for interesting, experim/or local multiplayer games, the more innovative the better. Our goal is to highlight as many games from as wide a spectrum of genres and experiences as possible. If you're not sure if your project fits, please submit and let us decide! There's NO SUBMISSION FEE!

Please submit your games (they can be a work in progress) HERE , by 1st October 2018
When submit please make sure you have included all the details :
Name of artist/ studio:
Name of game:
Brief description of game:
Special requirements for exhibition (custom controllers etc):
Link to build (can still be a work in progress):Link to trailer/ gameplay video:
Link to zip of screenshots:

Submission Eligibility
We accept works-in-progress to fully completed games as well as released games.
The developers must be 18 years and older
All game content must be owned by the game designer/studio that is submitting the game

Submissions close on the 1st of October 2018 and we’ll announce which games have been selected on the 21st of October.


  • Hi everyone!

    Giving this thread a bump as the deadline for submissions is fast approaching! Send us your weird and wonderful creations!
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