Unity3D Hexagonal Tilemap hex shape

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Can someone tell me how to create a hex shape that works with Unity 2018.2 hexagonal tilemap?

I'm using the hexagonal tilemap in Unity2018.2 but they seem to want a squashed/stretched shape compared to "normal".

Below is an example of a typical hex sprite added to the tilemap and you can see it doesn't fit properly.

I found an assets that sort of fits (in green) and I created another hex in Blender to compare. You can see Unity wants a distorted shape.



I'm guessing there's some sort of proportion (I'd swear, by looking, the straight edge is shorter than the adjacent sides) that I'm not aware of that maybe an artist or someone more technical can explain so that I can use sprites that fit properly. If you know, please explain it to me.


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    Special thanks to @Pierre to figuring out the default cell size on the tilemap is 1x1 which will make hexes stretched.

    For a pointed-top hex X = 1 and Y = square root of 3 / 2 or 0.866025403784439 (which Unity rounds to 0.8660254) see Hexagon Calculator.

    It feels messy but hopefully I can mask any overlaps with borders or scenery.

    Thanks again.
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