Looking for a Senior Developer with gamedev XP

Hi all,
Luma Animation is looking for a Senior Software Developer to join our team.

This is to work on established, successful virtual sports products developed in various game engines including Unity 3D. To get an idea of what these projects look like, check out our showreel:

This dev will help to design new products and new features for existing products, write code to build those features and maintain products. You'll also be mentoring younger devs and other good stuff. Currently, our tech mix includes Unity (C#), Atomic (C#, C++), Windows Forms (C#) and a number of internal tools and plugins (Python).

Minimum requirements:
Related 3+ year degree or diploma
5+ years of C++/C# experience, with anything gamedev related being preferred (pro or hobbyist)

This is a full-time position, on-site at Luma's office in Randburg, Johannesburg but allows for very flexible work hours and lots of working from home. I can't give a salary amount now, because honestly, we're just not sure :)

For more details, check out the spec (and feel free to share): https://www.dropbox.com/s/8sf8rpn9a5rojjh/Senior Software Developer Spec.pdf

To apply, email me on matt at luma dot co dot za
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