[Event] Cape Town Community Night - 27 March 2013

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When: Wednesday the 27th of March, 2013. Starts at 18:30, ends at 21:00 (although socialising afterward is encouraged)!

Where: Microsoft offices, Engen building 2nd floor, Golf Park, Mowbray. https://maps.google.co.za/maps?q=-33.947185,18.4914

What: A monthly meetup for anyone and everyone interested in making games of any shape, size or type. Come join us!

RSVP: Meetup link

Calling for content!

Evan Greenwood: "Emergent Humour" talk.

Nandrew: Shows a scintillating new mystery project!

Funtastic: Why some people don't "just make games" (and the psychology behind this).

Free Lives: Ore Chasm (plus multiplayer flummery advice).


  • We want to show off some Broforce content (maybe at the end once talks are done).

    Evan Greenwood wants to do a talk about "Emergent Humour".
    A talk about designing gameplay that produces funny surprises. A brief breakdown of how humour works, an analysis of why humour is so powerful in games, a demonstration of some of the mechanisms that allow humour to emerge, and an exhortation to make funnier games. Also some jokes probably.
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  • I'll commit myself right now to showing a new project. Scrapped the old game (at least partially due to a stolen laptop). So yar. I'll get at least half-busy this month.
  • The UCT compsci honours students are just finishing off their ultra intense module of Mobile Game Dev this week... I'll try and encourage them to come and show their stuffs.

    Sadly I can't attend this month.
  • Any more talks?

    If people are keen I think we'd like to demo "Ore Chasm". Maybe talk a little bit about online multiplayer in game jam games.

    Other things we could share:

    Raithza could do a talk encouraging good tutorial design practice.

    Bevis has an excellent Christopher Walken impersonation.
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    @BlackShipsFilltheSky As someone who's carefully thinking about attacking the multiplayer beast, I think a talk on it would be very helpful! So I'd like to second that.

    ... But a Christopher Walken impersonation sounds just delightful.
  • Erm, I could perhaps do a talk on the psychology of why some people don't actually "just make games". Would be relevant to anyone who struggles through creatives endeavors...
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    Sounds interesting! I'd like to second that!
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    My talk has a title:

    The psychology of why we fail to fail.

    It's turned into a bit of a beast, but at least a mildly to very interesting one - depending on your disposition.

    A ) does the projector have HDMI?
    B ) anyone with a recording device going to be present?
  • No hdmi, only VGA

    I'll hit up JWho and see if he is bringing his camera and other goodies for recording
  • Just ran through my talk. Its about an hour. Will try my best to stop people falling asleep!

    I'm hoping that wont push other stuff too far out.
  • Hmm, talk sound interesting but an hour might be a bit long? Gamedev's aren't known for their attention spans, plus if you add Q/A time to that it easily gets to 1 hour 20 mins+....
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    An hour sounds, like, really fricken long?

    I don't know what the substance of the talk is, but an hour long sounds like an education in psychology as well as a talk about why we don't just make games.

    Maybe make it a two parter? If you really want to go deep. Though if there is a background in psychology included I'd personally rather hear the deeper stuff only.

    I think generally 20min (along with Q and A) is recommended. No one is going to cut you off, and most talks do end up going over time. The thing is: talks HAVE caused meetup goers to stop coming in the past, and I'd rather that not happen.
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    @BlackShipsFilltheSky @raithza I hear you both. Why I put it out there it was going to be long.

    For me this kind of stuff is like, super important stuff to discuss, but can understand how not everyone will feel that way. I'll try sweeten it up a bit an cull some babies. 20 mins will be tough, but I'll aim for under 30-40 mins at least.
  • Okay the talk had been trimmed, and is probably stronger for it. There is only enough psychology to make sense of what I'm saying.

    And perhaps I should do a better job of selling the talk. Its about the way our subconscious brain can end up sabotaging our efforts to create awesome and amazing games - aka reaching our dreams. Topics covered include things like the curse of perfectionism, procrastination, focusing, flow, and stimulating creativity. We all know we have to prototype, but what does the right mental frame of mind look like and how do we get there?

    This is super important stuff for anyone who struggles to work on their own creative endeavors (like me). For anyone who doesn't, it can still be useful to help you understand the burdens other people struggle with.
  • Cool! Sounds interesting. Looking forward to it.
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    So bleak I missed it! Was anything recorded?

    @TheFuntastic great set of slides and resources! It got me my want-to-make-me-a-game itch that I usually get from going to the meetup :p
  • I really want to see that talk @TheFuntastic. Give it again at AMAZE?
  • @dislekcia I can perhaps do this thing you say. By then I'll have probably forgotten enough that I need to remind myself...
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