Does anyone in Cape Town own a HoloLens or know a person or a company that owns one?
We have only one device and have to do a quick test to see if we can get networking to work on multiple HoloLens devices.
I'd be willing to pay decent rent for the opportunity to borrow a device for some testing.


  • I believe Fuzzy Logic in George has one, in case that helps.
  • You can try Sozo Labs in Stellenbosch: https://www.sozolabs.com/
  • Thanks guys! We came right in the end.
  • How'd the networking go?
  • It worked out quite well. We simulated networked devices on our end, but the client used up to 6 hololens devices successfully.
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  • Great! Were you using Sharing Service or UNET or some other implementation?
  • For the project requirement we couldn't use the typical Unity networking solution, but ended up with a custom implementation that uses some of the unity networking messages.
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  • Very cool. The sharing service has been our bread and butter for a few years but I'd like to implement a custom soluition like you describe. Could you recommend a starting place?
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