[Prototype] Holotapes from Space

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Holotapes 1-3
Single day games, focused on merging narrative and mechanics.


Trade in MacGuffins.

Die with someone.

Say goodbye to an old friend.

Have some critique/advice you want to share? Awesome!
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  • Hi Asrielle, in the beginning it shows the keys, A and D to walk and D to duck. I think Enter is pause or something. I saw the say goodbye to an old friend part, but couldn't access it again.

    I think I am missing something.

    Are the holo-tapes like memories or something? or footage even?
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    Hi Jurgen, thanks for playing!

    I just fixed enter, it fulfills its purpose now, which is to do nothing at all.
    Yeah the game basically remembers which holotape you completed last, but after each holotape OR if you press ESC, you get a menu to switch between holotapes.

    So the idea is there are a bunch of invisible inter-dimensional surveillance blobs/drones scattered throughout the universe which capture holo moments (all the possible outcomes of a moment). Then some unknown something put some of that "footage" on holotapes (tapes that allow you to experience that moments parallel dimensions). Those holotapes were then just found floating about in space and now you are renting these holotapes to experience them. That's basically my excuse to make a bunch of games.
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