[Event] JHB Community Night - 12 March 2013

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Bring games! Play games! Talk games! Make games!

When: 18:30 until around 21:30, Tuesday the 12th March.

Where: the Microsoft Offices at 3012, William Nicol, Bryanston.

- CLASH prototype and art showcase (the CLASH developers, 30 minutes)
- Mah tech art portfolioh ( @Elyaradine, 15 min)
- Intro to Inform7 ( @aodendaal, 15 min)
- Intro to Version Control (Matt, 15 min)
- zX demo ( @retroFuture & @Karuji, 30min)

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  • The guys who're working on Clash want to show some art and prototypes. :) Not sure how long they're going to be. I can check. :)

    I'd like to show the (technical) art portfolio I'm taking with me to GDC. Showing the portfolio would be, like, 5 minutes, but Q&A and breakdowns/wips could make it around 15.
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  • I'm keen to give an introduction to Inform7 if anyone is interested in creating text adventures. I think text adventures are a great medium for literally types (spies @bensonance) and for practicing necessary descriptions/text for level and puzzle design.
  • So @RetroFuture and I would like to show off the snazzy new zX demo and get some feedback from the community.
  • Awesome, can't wait! :D
  • =( Sadly I probably cannot make this one. If anyone is in need of sound design or composition for projects they may be working on contact me here on the forums! See you guys next time around.
  • Unfortunately I cant make it either, my tests from last week got moved to this week so I have to study more.
  • It's OK, I'll be there early and handle the introductions.
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