[Event] VR Meetup V0.1 (Joburg / 3rd Tuesday of every Month)

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I'm really looking into getting a VR meetup going in the Gauteng area, and we've started a facebook group for it, please join if you're okay with the Zuckmachine :)


(In case you were following, I'm abandoning that other thread because it was probably too narrow a focus. I'm taking a step back and gauging interest first)
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  • We're getting closer to having a joburg VR meetup! :D

    We put up a poll about where everyone would prefer to have the meetup, according to the various venue options we have at the moment. Please go and ping your nearest location if you're keen to jam VR with other Gautengers :)

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  • VR Meetup 0.1 is happening this Friday!

    Sorry for the really short notice, but the timing just worked out that way... The idea is to have the 3rd Friday of each month be VR meetup day, and this one's just a prototype really.

    29 Cottesmore road Bryanston

    (there's a casual braai from 3pm if you can make that, though it's really not the main event)

    Come chat about VR! And AR! MR! Whatever R! :D
    There's a Vive on premise, so bring your projects and prototypes!
    I'm also going to bring my Daydream and Vive Focus (mobile stand alone, non-phone VR)

    Facebook event:

    Got questions? Ask here! Got something to bring? Share here! :)
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  • Can't make it this time, but cool idea
  • Update!

    We had a rad meetup with about 10 people, we talked about all kinds of VR AR and whatever R stuff, and what to do with the VR meetup moving forward:

    1. We're moving to the 3rd Tuesday of each month, so we'll have two Tuesdays in a row of meetup goodness :)
    2. 6pm.
    3. We're going to talk about anti-aliasing in VR next meetup, there will be a talk + demo.
    4. We're calling for everyone who has/wants to to do a brief 10 minute show and tell of what they've done in VR.
    5. We tried out a couple of cool VR experiences, such as Kingspray and Beat Saber. BEAT SABER IS BAE. SO BAE.
    6. We're gonna make regular threads here and events on fb like the mgsa meetups.

    I'll start a new thread for the next meetup in due time. For now YAY!



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    503 x 284 - 169K
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  • I really hope I can make the next meetup
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