Opportunity for all SA game developers: apply for Digital Lab Africa to jump start your project


@DigiLabAfrica is calling all AFRICAN VIDEO GAME DEVELOPERS & STUDENTS to submit their video game projects!

Apply under DLA Video Game category to jump start & accelerate your project with DLA !

Submission deadline: 25 February / [url="http://digilabafrica.com/submit-a-project/"]

To win : 3,000EUR cash prize + tailored-made incubation programme (fully covered) including :

- mentorship sessions by leading studios from African continent & France (according to projects needs)
- residence time within digital cluster/hub in France
- participation at international gaming industry events

VIDEO GAME category : all prototypes/concepts of video game for mobile and any type of platform. Video game projects with creative storytelling/experience and using innovative technologies will be considered first.

www.digilabafrica.com | @DigiLabAfrica
Contact me for more info: digilabafrica@gmail.com

About Digital Lab Africa

Digital Lab Africa: the reference platform for next-gen content

Digital Lab Africa (DLA) is a platform and a call for projects dedicated to creative content linked with innovation in Africa. The very idea of DLA is to incubate next-gen creative talent by offering them a springboard to jump-start and accelerate their projects with the support and expertise of DLA partners & ecosystem (studios, event, producers, broadcasters, distributors, experts...)

DLA Call for Projects

The Digital Lab Africa call for projects targets artists, producers, designers, startups, students in the media and creative industries. The call is open to any professional or individual from Sub-Saharan Africa having an innovative project in 5 categories of multimedia production: web creation, virtual reality, video game, animation and digital music. Submissions deadline: 25 February 2018 / www.digilabafrica.com
DLA call for application EN.pdf
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  • Wouldn't they dilute your hard work and turn it into corporate bullcrap
  • SkinnyBoy said:
    Wouldn't they dilute your hard work and turn it into corporate bullcrap
    That's not how incubation works. Mentorship, time in a space with other people and participation in events can only extend one's contacts and abilities. What one does with that is their own business. There are no shares taken, no instructions, no directions given.

    So no, there's pretty much no way a mentorship could turn a person's work into anything they didn't want it to be.

    It sounds like an amazing opportunity for anyone who has a project that fits! ❤️
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