[GGJ 2018] A Trans "Dance" Mission

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A Trans "dance" Mission
This game was built for GGJ 2018 by Stephnie van Niekerk and Ernest Loveland

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Final Proto Version

A Trans Dance Mission v0.1 - revamp proto with fixes and adjustments.

Bit Bucket Repo

This game in an infinite runner where you are infinitely attempting to eat treats.

There are however puffer-fish that can hit you and "healing" eats some of your food "points".

There is music, no config yet - on the forum post we will have the "bug fix" version where here we currently only have the version that was "completed" for the jam.


There are several "bugs" in this version, be sure to check I'm doing some simple adjustments/fixes to it and releasing that separately.

There is a page available on my domain for it (through git).
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  • Fixes and adjustments were due, we now have a newer version that can be played: A Trans Dance Mission v0.1

    - Play is a slightly different time and adjusted "great" play numbers, it can be won finally (50/50 more or less for win/loss)
    - The dancing is showing (managed to sort that out)
    - There are more added dances
    - Made the music softer (still, need to make it configurable)
    - You could be infinite platform running up/down since the platforms stopped having a "ground" (aka. not buildings next to a road anymore)
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