Nintendo Labo


  • Nintendo being their weird selves :P
  • Couldn't be much more stoked about this!
  • Yeah man when I saw the video my mind blew. BBBBOOOOM. It's amazing! :D Really want to see it in action. On a personal, non-dev note, how am I supposed to decide between getting a Switch or a PS4 now :P
  • @Tuism - On your dilemma. If you own a PC go for the Switch otherwise PS4. Switch offers a unique experience (like most Nintendo Consoles) whilst the games on a PC and PS4 are comparable for the most part.
  • I have a Macbook lol, but am looking to eventually upgrade with an external GPU to run Vive. At least that's an idea, not yet. We'll see XD
  • @Tuism, I've recently been making and not playing games, but when i got my switch it was really hard to actually find games for Switch, and the ones that were there were all more expensive than their Steam versions :(
  • I want to understand how this works... ??? I assume the Switch controls have accelerators in them, and that makes something like a punching action work...

    But other Labo examples make it look like the Switch controllers have motors in them that can be accessed (like the folding man and the little moving bug thing), and others, like the piano, look like the side of the Switch controller can take input (like through a micro USB or something?).

    I'd love to know, especially if making custom controllers for games could be a thing.
  • I believe the side of the one controller has an IR camera for input, and I think the little man just used the vibrators.
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  • Yeah I think all the movement were just vibration-driven movements, which means if the thing isn't on a level surface it probably wouldn't perform as expected. I think.
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