Game Co-Working Space - Opening Feb 2018

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Hi All,

So progress from my last post, happy to say that we are moving forward with the co-working space, which we are hoping to open in Feb. To start we have limited seating (only 40 desks).

A desk will be R1750 (including VAT), space will have 24hr access, security and indoor parking after hours and includes internet access and a boardroom. The space is in the Woodstock Exchange in Cape Town (where we host the the MGSA meetups). We will require you to sign up for a 6 month contract initially, but it will then move onto a month-to-month basis.

We will also have a hotdesk facility at R200 per day

We are looking for freelancers, indie studios and professionals in ancillary industries looking for a vibrant space where they will have the opportunity to work in a space that will allow collaboration with like minded individuals.

We will be using the co-working space as a cornerstone to launch several other projects, including hosting international developers for 3 month periods, a games incubator and a games fund.

Please mail me at or fill in the following form if you are interested and would like to view the site. You won't be required to sign anything yet, but I would like some hard confirmations of people who are interested in moving in by Feb or March this year. We are developing the space and so should be able to handle a limited amount of customization if you joi ou can't join us as early as Feb/March, but would be interested in joining later in the year, please let me know and we can look at reserving space for you.


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