[For hire] Multi-skilled games and simulations dev, countrywide

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Hi all.

Nick here, AKA Arcane Engineer. Traveller and interactive developer situated for now in Cape Town. International development experience. Available for interviews / onsite work in and around Cape Town. I enjoy teaching, assisting, brainstorming approaches, advising on process, algorithms and architecture, as I'm somewhat creatively minded. Am happy to look at supporting as well as frontline roles. Will consider perm offers as well as freelance.


Renderheads - GPGPU HLSL Compute + Unity fully customisable boids / flocking simulation
Fuzzy Logic - N-Compass game, with Dipso in toward the end (Unity)
Tasty Poison Games - Remotely porting various titles to Tobii EyeX, PlayJam GameStick, GS GameKit (Unity)
ThreeDeePixel - 3D virtual shopping experience, full (HTML5 / MEAN stack with Three.js)
Self - building voxel worlds in (Java/LWJGL, C11/OpenGL)
PlayJam - Software Engineer for Games & Tools (Unity, Android OS, C/Marmalade)
ClickTag - Contract Advergames Developer (AS3, Google remote control via mobile)
Bin Weevils - Contract Mobile Games Developer (Unity, Blender)
Rehab Studio - Contract Frontend Developer (Flash AS3)
Firebelly Creative - Contract Games Developer (Flash AS3)
DBDA Ltd - Contract Flash Games Developer (Flash AS3)
Digital Theatre - Apr 2011 - Contract Flash Developer (Flash AS3, Flex)
Marslight - Contract Flash Games Developer (Flash AS3, RobotLegs)
180 Amsterdam - Contract Flash Developer (Flash AS3)
TC Communications Ltd - Creative Developer (Flash, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS)
ActionTec Electronics - Contract Web Designer & Developer (HTML, JS, CSS)
Dover Systems - Psychometric simulations Dev (C++, DirectDraw)

arcaneingenuity AT gmail.com

PM for CV, various contact details.


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    I am available from 1 May onward for contracts, preferably in CT but possibly also countrywide (JHB, PTA, DBN).

    Just completed 3 month simulation project for RenderHeads in Cape Town (Jan to Apr 2018):

    GPGPU HLSL Compute and Unity boids / flocking simulation:
    - All logic boids / flocking logic built from ground up on CPU and ported to GPU
    - Fully runtime-customisable
    - Realtime dynamic flow-field currents using tricubic filtering on CPU and GPU;
    - Flock targeting to travel to and orbit attractor points;
    - Dynamic flock splitting and merging
    - Optimisations to allow tens of thousands of boids in multiple flocks;
    - Aspect-oriented, hierarchical architecture supporting linear arrays / GPU buffers as core data model.

    P.S. I am also now no. 8 worldwide on gamedev.SE, with 24k rep. Teaching is fun :)
  • Had a good time working with @NickWiggill
    He's a very good programmer.
    Was impressed with the advanced systems he developed for the project we worked on :)

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  • For those sending PMs: I'm on another project for now, optimising spatial / logistical problems. Period not yet definite.

    Will post back here when I become available again.
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    I'll be available from 2 July 2018 onward for new contracts.

    Based in Cape Town primarily; remote is always an option.
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