Ludum Dare 40 games!

I made a thread for my game but if you don't feel like a whole thread, just share your LD40 game here so we have one place to go rate our stuff :)



  • So Life happened a little so I only managed to spend a couple of hours on it, but was adamant I needed to get SOMETHING out. (even if it was fail ;) ).

    My idea basically revolved around you as a lightbulb picking up powerups and getting brighter and brighter light which then attracts moths to you, but because I always get stuck sans artist on jams I decided I would spend a large chunk of the time teaching myself blender (instead of doing much in unity) so all in all it was actually a really positive experience. The game isn't fully there yet, but I think I am happy with the result considering how much time I managed to put into it ;)$54670

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  • It's a pity I started this LD with so much motivation and lost the drive and energy half way through. I did however start again on the Sunday and spent a couple of hours on this game. I never finished it, yet I think the concept was "creative".

    So the idea was that you played Lover McHearty who's popular among women. The problem is he's got a heart condition and the more he loves the worse it gets for him. He needs to find cookies to recover that energy. The whole point of the game was to see how many you can love. But I felt the game play fell somewhat flat and unpolished.

    Here's what it looked like:
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