Sound effects for game.

Hello. I want to help people who need sound effects for their games. I know some free packs with many good legal sound effects:
first pack from official site
second site

If u know more legal and free sound effects,pls write theme at the comments.
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  • Hi djassassin!

    It's always helpful to point others to resources out on the web (sound related or otherwise) - I had a look at your links and the one thing I noticed was that the last link ( seems to offer the downloads for free for trial or nom-commercial usage. The FAQ goes into this detail (although it could be clearer IMHO), so unless someone purchases a sound, it can't be used in a commercial project.

    Something that I think gets people confused (because the law can actually be confusing at times) is the difference between something that is free or rather royalty free. The long and short of it is that royalty free just means the IP (in this case a sound or music file) can be used many times without a royalty being paid (like on a radio station - each time a song is played, the author receives royalties). This doesn't mean the IP is free to use, and generally the use thereof is purchased by way of a license or usage agreement (whether it be $10 for a sound effect file from one of these sites or $500 to use a piece of library music from a production library for example).

    Hope this helps clarify some things! :)
  • Thank u for info bro.
  • Thanks for posting those! Sound can always be hard to find :)

    One I found recently that was quite nifty was this 90GB library of location sounds:

    They are licensed as CC4.0 (by attribution), but if you want to go CC0 (public domain) then they ask for a small donation.

    Thanx for the royalty free explanation above Andrew - I would also say if you want to look at free stuff to use in games check for creative commons goodness. I also found this site to be a useful quick reference for license stuff if you are uncertain:
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    Heya @djassassin, I've recently gotten a team together for a mobile game and I'm creating the sfx in sunvox. Don't let the basic website fool you, it's a great piece of software and free. Aside from that there is also ChipTone for a simpler online interface. Both export sounds in WAV so you might want to convert your fx into OGG, depending on what is required etc.

    These aren't packs but I think it could still help and there's a lot of fun to be had creating sfx.

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