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I would like to know if there is anyone on this forum that can create an android and apple phone app for me. basically all i want the app to do is send locations between a number of users and a number of service providers. The users would be people looking for a hair salon and the service provider would be the nearest hair salon to the user. I would also like the app to be a two way communication service where the salon can also scout for users in their area.

if anyone is able to help , please PM me on this forum and also let me know how much something like this would cost to develop.



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    Based on my current knowledge, what you want is not 'basic', creating an app that runs on iOS and Android is not as simple as as clicking a build button in Unity. You can use something like Mono for your base code, but the actual UI even in Mono needs to use native iOS and Android controls, it's a different UI implementation. Then the communication and location storage you want will require a server, even if you go with P2P you will need a tracker/discovery server of some sort. In essence what you are asking is for somebody that knows iOS, Android and networking programming. If you are to find a freelancer like that, you can be certain that you can't afford him full time for a month or so that is needed to make this.

    You should have a look at existing apps instead of making your own, there must be a million business linking and discovery apps out there. Also I don't see how this is in any way game-dev related?
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  • Thanks Critic . I will pass on the info to the person requesting this app. I dont know anything about app development , and thought I could find some help on this forum, since i not part of any programming forums. But I appreciate you breaking down the limits and possibilities concerning what i requested.
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  • I think this is out of scope for this forum. You'll have better luck asking at the programming or job forum.
    But since it is here, here is a brief answer (I am (was?) an app developer, for context):
    This isn't actually really complicated. It could be done in Xamarin Forms, and there isn't anything that you need which Forms wouldn't support. Still, a "not-complicated" app is going to cost you R80k+ for anything mildly polished, plus you're going to have to run servers for it.
    But the biggest problem is "who would use this". Not to say it is a bad idea, I have no idea. But there are hundreds of other more general services that do stuff like this. And even if there are people that use it, are there enough to even remotely cover costs? How would you monetize it? A few salons might be open to using it, but most will want proof that you have many users, and then you're stuck with the chicken/egg problem.

    Finally, if the only info you have is what is in your post, then the person behind this needs to do a LOT more thinking. That isn't remotely enough information for someone to accurately quote on.
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  • Thanks Guys . You have been very helpful.
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