Adding a VR meetup to the Joburg monthly meetup

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Hi all

We've been talking about it for a while and with Dominic Eskofier (Nvidia's EMEA Head of VR) visiting we had a cool get together, and the topic came up again.

So the proposal: To have a VR meetup that happens on the same day of the monthly Joburg meetups (2nd tuesday of each month, Bryanston Microsoft offices), before the regular meetup which starts at 6:30.

If this is a thing that you're into, please holler below :)

We won't be doing this immediately (next meetup is Tuesday coming), probably in a month or two later while we iron out logistics and figure out what to actually do with it.

In the meantime, let's chat about this:

1) Preferred time - the gamedev meetup starts at 6:30, we probably want a decent lead time to not have to rush too much - so perhaps starting the VR meetup at 3pm would allow good time. But I realise it's a Tuesday and that's perhaps not good for some. What's good for you?
2) Hardware - who is keen to bring their VR gear? Should it rotate on a month-to-month basis? Or should it just be on whoever wants to show stuff to bring their own hardware? This may be the biggest obstacle to this meetup.
3) Goals - what are the goals of this meetup? Perhaps state what *you* want to get out of it and we can align the group goals around that.
4) Topics - Who's perhaps got some talks or presentations that they might want to give for everyone's benefit? Note that this specifically isn't about self-promotion but community knowledge exchange.
5) OR maybe ya'll want a standalone meetup day that's not on a Tuesday in the afternoon? Weekends? What would work for you?
6) Anything else?
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