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Organosphere is a point and shoot adventure game set in the heart of Johazardousburg, South Africa.
A scientist wakes up to a reality they do not understand, one of few survivors in a world where nature has overtaken humanity. You must escape and venture into the heart of Johazardousburg and it's lush environment to discover what has happened, all while defending yourself from the cruel reality of nature with your trusty shotgun.
With a 5 square km map packed with everything you love, hate and question about South Africa, along with afew giant bugs to deal with, your skills and bravery are put to the test in this mad world.
Please check out our facebook page and give us a like if youre interested :)


  • Hello, welcome to our little community :)

    So do you have anything that anyone here can try out or give feedback on?
  • Hey there! Thank you for the welcome.
    We recently did our first mass test at rAge and were happy that there weren't any game breaking bugs plus people were having loads of fun trying to kill some of our boss enemies.
    We are currently doing our best to get an alpha on Steam so we can have more controlled feedback.
    We might just attend the next meeting and bring a test for people to play if the universe is kind. :)
  • Great! What were your expectations out of posting here, then? :)

    Our meetups always welcome more games! Where are you based, Joburg or CT? I assume Joburg since you went to rAge?
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    We are based in JHB. Just wanted to get involved in the community and showcase our work. Please feel free to check out some alpha game play footage and let us know what you think :)

  • Embedding the video works best for people. You should do that rather:

    (also your link needed to be fixed, it was missing a colon. You should test your links after posting them)

    Well I can't say much about the gameplay as I haven't played it.

    The trailer looks like the graphics are decent.

    I like the bugs, they seem like something different from other games. Though the bugs don't seem "right", if we're trying to "sell" the story of "this is in joburg", I feel like bugs that are actually found in Joburg would do best. Like Shongololos and Parktown Prawns. Christmas beetles, etc.

    The walking tree I guess is pretty unique too, though I don't quite "understand" them, the damage doesn't seem to come from anything specific, just walking into you? Then why wouldn't you just run away?

    The trailer feels very slow and long and repeats itself a lot, without demonstrating much "newness" as it went on.

    And I don't really get much of what you're "selling", what the unique selling point is, shooters are pretty common, so you really have to stand out cohesively to grab attention.

    *Is* the fact that it's joburg a selling point? The Ponte tower is a cool thing, but if it's really a selling point maybe sell that even more? I'm not sure whether that's a thing.

    I guess I'm focused a lot on this "selling point" point because I feel like that's what it takes to get games noticed these days.
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