GravityWell - This tiny drone would definitely appreciate your feedback

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So I made this prototype-ish game for a uni assignment around september, and if anyone can I would really appreciate your thoughts, opinions, constructive criticism.


Essentially, you are a tiny drone moving through a ventilation shaft by manipulating the gravity and velocity of boxes. Im open to all comments but in particular I'm looking for:

-heavy crit on my tutorial level (Im trying to figure out a better way to get the game's system across)
- the rating of fun for each level out of say 10(there are three levels as of this latest iteration) and
-any game feel considerations.(I have a few ideas, but still the more the merrier).

Even if you could list a game you think I should look at or does something i should consider I would be very happy.

Folder includes Mac and Windows builds

Thank youu!
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  • I played for a few minutes, the feeling is a somewhat confused one for me, but I would have liked to play more, there is some charm in it. Some thoughts below.

    [-]Entry screen basically blocks you from starting the game without a tutorial as you don't know what to do with the box without knowing about the KEMM system. There shouldn't be a blocker, if the player must complete the tutorial, remove the start game passage and make him go through the tutorial, on the other hand if you want the player to be able to play, remove that box that is blocking the start of the game.
    [-]Entry screen uses different zoom to the rest of the game and jumping is not balanced on this scale, so the jumping feels awkward.
    [-]The text that explains different concepts in the tutorial is hard to read, font and size is an issue. I like that the instructions are in the actual game-world and not just a pop-up box, but you can take this a lot further. For instance instead of telling the player to "go to zone 5", which is a bit straining, make signs on the game-world with arrows pointing to zones. For instance, zone 5 could be a green sign with the number 5 on it and an arrow pointing to it, you could even have more than one sign stacked if the same route leads to different zones.
    [-]I found myself hitting a lot of the 'ceilings' by the jumping section, it feels a bit uncomfortable, the character is hitting his head on all those obstacles, would be better if the level was a bit more spacious when it comes to jumping to make the player feel a bit more gracious when executing jumps.
    [-]Some of the falls on the tutorial level are scary, it's like doing a leap of faith, this might be a good thing if you don't punish the player at some point for dropping so far.
    [-]The gravity section in the tutorial is too long, you demonstrate the two different concepts and then make the player go through additional zones for the same concept, thing is the gravity section slows you down, so if you got it in the first zone, it feels like you are wasting the players' time.
    [-]KEMM is interesting, however it's not explained well, I was sitting in front of that first box where the KEMM is mentioned hitting the LMB and RMB, a little spark would be show sometimes, but nothing was happening. After giving up the next section actually showed me that you have to use the second function of the KEMM to disable gravity in order to use the first functions. Maybe introduce the gravity function first and make it a blocker, because it looks like it's a fundamental part of the game.

    Overall, there is something charming about the setting, I wanted to know what is this robot doing here, would I meet other robots, is there a story of some kind, also I liked that the level felt huge and that it felt that there was an actual design to the factory. IMO the best improvement that you can make with little work is to put signs everywhere, zone signs and direction signs, I would have spent a lot more time in the factory if location awareness was present.
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  • Firstly I'd like to say thank you for the feedback, and to respond to your points not too try and justify my points but show you my intention:

    The line of thought for that first box in the start screen is if someone understood how the game functions I.E. having done the tutorial already then they would know how to move the box out of the way. It was intended as a mandatory skill gate in a sense, but I see what you are saying.

    With the level including text for the tutorial, I haven't managed to suss out why players get stuck during the first phases of the tutorial and now that you point it out. I didnt realise my force push and pull mechanic was built upon the gravity mechanic so heavily.

    The jumping I will definitely fix. The springiness was more along the lines of the jump i wanted but the placement of platforms does make the player clunky and as you said ungracious ='].

    Thank you for pointing out that you had interest in the actual environment, character. and light hints towards a story. I'll probably assign more time to figuring out how i could improve and build upon that experience of the game.

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  • No problem, I would be happy to give criticism on the next build, hope you keep working on it.
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