Part Time/ After Hours Game Dev Team

Hi Guys,

This is a difficult post as I am restricted in divulging much information about this project. Essentially we are looking to put together a team of approximately 5 people, we are looking for every position from programming to design. We will probably use Unity Unless the core of the team is more comfortable in a different platform.

What your looking at getting into, in a broad sense, is a potentially endless game jam. By endless I do not mean we will never complete it. I just mean it will feel similar to that throughout the development.

This is not a full time job and we will be working out deadlines and salaries. This project is ready to be kickstarted and this will include agreed upon remunerations for respective developers.

Already having released a game and having a following of gamer's is a plus.

Please PM me if interested and we will provide more information.


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