Risk ahoy!


Hey dudes, I've been quite silent on these forums for a little while and since I had something cool to share I thought I'd make a little post. As some of you know I made the big move to England at the beginning of the year (I actually asked some of you guys for help with the job search, thanks for all the awesome responses).

Well something marvellous happened. I met up with a friend I had only ever met online through gamejolt and one thing led to another. Some how we ended up working together. And not just that, we were working on a game.

Honestly this has been a complete dream come true being able to work on a game as an actual job thing.

It's an 8 bit sea survival game that I'm pretty sure will bring up memories of the dumb ways to die campaign. I'm hoping to be a bit more active on the forums again as well thankfully now that my life has calmed down again so sorry if I suddenly start resurrecting a few threads.

You guys can find the game links over here:

Google play:

App store:


  • That was actually really cute - I can see myself spending a fair bit of time on it.

    Can I assume that you ALWAYS investigate the fault that crew members highlight? It sounds like a solid health and safety strategy to me ;) Is there a situation where you ever don't? (or do I need to play significantly beyond "able seaman" to learn the ropes appropriately?)

    Good show.
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