[SA Game Jam 2017] The Following

Hi everyone,

We have worked hard on the game to give a player some nice feeling of the game and getting a challenge of staying alive.

The Following is a game where you start out as the Zombie...but guess what... you are just a head.
You need to roll your way to the potions of power that gives you the power to regenerate a part of you body each time you collect one. There is 5 to collect in this forest. While you are getting these potions of power, there is Tourists and Hikers in the forest having a blast until you show up to give them a nibble on the arm or leg to convert them to one of your followers making the horde of zombies. But this is not where it ends, you are a leader Zombie and you require POWER!!!! so you decide to sacrifice your Zombie Followers Souls in order to gain more time to live in the world of the living. Be the Zombie that collected the most souls.

Theme : Collection

Jannie Prinsloo (3D designer and Animator/Stage Designer)
Johan Heymans (Programmer)

Project Name: The Following

Level of Experience: Hobbyist
Entry: 48hr



Looking forward to seeing people having a nice jam at our 2 day project and giving us some feedback on how it felt playing it.


  • That sounds like a really cool idea - look fwd to trying it!
  • Ok uploaded :D took a while to upload sorry :D
  • Wish we had more time to polish it up but it was a blast and we are very happy with the outcome based on the little time we had :D
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    You seem to have tied the movement speed to the fps. When I spawn many orbs my pc lags and I move insanely fast xD I'm sure you know already but speed should always be multiplied by Time.deltatime.

    The game was really fun though xD I felt really powerful! and feared. (The way a zombie should!) Great Job!
  • Hey @StormGameDev yes I did tie it to the fps but only noticed it after this morning because it only happens when the performance gets slow or on slower pc's so it seemed fine on my dev pc but at work it was superspeed zombie hehe.

    Thanks a lot for testing it out, the link is updated with a fix for that bug!
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  • Cool concept, was a fun little experience and yeah I also experienced the lag issue when i collected about 50 or so people and then turned them into life force, on that do the turned people serve a purpose beyond being a portable life source that follows you? I might be wrong but in that sense the life source follows you as well if you don't pick it up so I'm just not sure why you can turn them either into followers or life source but they serve a similar purpose?

    Maybe the followers can also turn people; either into life source or other followers or maybe they decay and or the life source doesn't follow you so in that regard keeping the followers allows you to keep moving and have a supply of life source if you need it but also if they decay before you turn them into life source you lose out on getting that life source, it might add a nice micro management of your horde and resources to the game.

    Yeah but overall the presentation was awesome nice aesthetic, sounds and music, a nice fun little relaxing experience.
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    Thanks for the feedback @Sean_Concalves

    Yes so we had a lot of our time this jam stolen from us due to technical issues with GIT and family time so we weren't able to implement everything we had planned for the game.

    The goal of the horde was to get some sort of bonus, either by running faster or have a stronger life force when they eventually get converted but at the moment they just run around with you and make you feel like a gangster :D

    The life source is a bit slow and should probably get sucked in a lot quicker.

    I like the idea of the followers also being able to turn the humans into more followers and having them decay over time. Thanks a lot for the input and we will definitely look into polishing the game a bit more over time.

    O ye and we fixed the movement lag issue but the lag you experienced was mostly because we have no birth control in the game so the humans end up using all the cpu resources :P
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