[SA Game Jam 2017] Robo Hobo in Lasagne Land

Jam name: SA Game Jam 2017
Project name: Robo Hobo in Lasagne Land
Level of experience: Student/Hobbyist (two 1st years + one gap yearer)
Entry: 48hr

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxm587ydIvTXRmVjWTl4QnNaZkE/view?usp=sharing

Boot up and play as a robot in medieval times haggling barbarian style with a bunch of homeless hoarders in a world (more like a backyard really :/) covered in lasagne.
Your mission: collect stuff for future preservation and survive the apastalypse!

Between my friends and I, this is our first jam. Huzzah!
We're quite proud to bring you a simple game about a robot collecting stuff.
The game is very (very) short, there is so much more we wanted to do, but alas, one is only able to do so much with the time and knowledge.
All in all, had blast making this game and learning valuable time management/ teamwork skills. Eagerly looking forward to a similar experiences in the future!

Darren Marsh - a.k.a Playersup
Ethan Hartel - a.k.a ⁠⁠⁠Sh0ckz
Ethan Le Roux - a.k.a megaguy32

*all thou castle are not belong to us (we don't own castle imagery, no copyright
infringement plz)
screenshot (1).png
640 x 480 - 662K
screenshot (3).png
640 x 480 - 26K
Thanked by 1Playersup


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