[SA Game Jam 2017] Dirt Blastrarr



I'm not qualified to enter the Jam this year, but had a great deal of fun participating with a cool theme and venue. This is the chicken scratch that came out of it: some experimental take on a Peggle-sorta formula fused with crafting/trading and demolition and and aaaaaand-

PC executable: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8iuwgqtfsv4254l/DirtBlast_1-Default-
Android APK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9jgq48enlmljzf4/DirtBlast_1-Default-1.0.0.apk?dl=0

The basic idea:
- You have two types of bombs (shown at top). Select one, then tap/press on the playfield to aim, and let fly!
- As you smash things apart, they'll drop cool things. COLLECT these things (aha!) by aiming the path of subsequent bombs to pick them up
- Your bomb quantity is limited and you'll need to blast open SHOP tiles to get access to deals and trade opportunities
- The general idea is to get as deep as possible before running outta bombs, but the game currently doesn't track this. Destroy all upper tiles to scroll the screen down
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  • To me, this is one of the best concepts that I've seen for this jam. The actually game, considering it doesn't track stuff and as far as I can tell has no progression, is pretty fun. I really like how the shop moves, and the collection of resources.
    Not sure what else to say besides - if you made this into a finished mobile game I'd totally play it.
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  • Has the making of a highly addictive mobile game!
    Very well done, I think it might be worth polishing up and releasing.
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  • Thanks for the plays, folks! I'd love to expand this if I have the time. :)
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