[SA Game Jam 2017] Gold, Please

Project name: Gold, Please
Experience: Professional I guess
48hr entry

Hi everyone! This is a simple puzzle game about trading stuff for other stuff to eventually complete a collection of shiny gems. I haven't made any of the the artwork, it's all public domain assets.

Download (Windows)

Download (OSX)

Thanked by 2konman Bernard


  • Nice one, what engine are you using?
  • Dumb idea:
    Allow NPCs the possibility of tricking you in a trade?
  • @ShaneMcNeill Thanks! I'm using Unity.

    @Skye Well, there are trades that are unwise to make, so it is possible to lose the game (i.e. end up without the necessary resources to trade for the shiny gems). But if you mean like they say they'll give you X for Y but then actually they don't, then I feel like that wouldn't really fit in with the puzzle vibe of working out the correct sequence of trades. It would basically be an unpredictable gotcha, which I tend to strongly dislike most of the time.
  • Cool concept! Trading can be fun when there's a good mechanism behind it, keen to give this a play through
  • I just uploaded builds for windows and mac! You can find the links are in the original post.
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