[Prototype] Zee (First Game)

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Hi all,

For your perusal, here is my first game!


The basic concept is that you move through layers of sleep with Zee (the baby), venturing deeper as you go through his bedroom, a forest, the sky and finally space. This is a no-lose scenario game that is made to be relaxing. I am contemplating adding in more difficult interactions, but ultimately the goal is to feel relaxed and peaceful as you play.

I know it's very early days, but here are a few things you could help with:
1. How does the scaling look if you're on Android?
2. Does this seem like a worthwhile concept?
3. Should I keep it very simple and market it as a young kids game?

Any other feedback is also greatly appreciated!

Here is the APK link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B35JgHpkxw0sc3pEcUMzNmFxM0E/view?usp=sharing
Here is the Windows link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B35JgHpkxw0sRW9DZy1SckhoTFU/view?usp=sharing

(Thanks to @pieter for all the help in getting this post looking better :))
Much love,

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  • It seems as though the image you linked/uploaded isn't displaying properly. Not seeing it on my end.
  • Thanks @pieter!

    I added, instead, as an attachment if you want to see a screenshot of the game.

    Let me know if you do take a look and if you've got any thoughts :)
  • Yo @CrissOle! Quickly played Zee on PC, here's my feedback:

    I'm still an amateur myself but hopefully this helps!

    OK, so this still needs a lot of work before I'd think of marketing etc. But with the proper attention I'd think this could be enjoyable. For what you're going for (I'm assuming a relaxing dream exploration type game with few and simple gameplay mechanics), you're going to need to put a lot of effort into atmosphere, something to immerse yourself in, a reason to explore. So I'd think great art and sound design should be a large focus. A light narrative (or simple narrative beats, think Everything) probably also wouldn't hurt.

    If that could be achieved, I'd say you wouldn't necessarily have to market it as a kids game, maybe even the opposite. Kids don't really need or want to relax haha.

    You're going to need to define clear goal(s). I got that FOMO feeling while playing because I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. If the goal is simply to explore, maybe pop in a sentence at the start that says so, then the "objective" is clear. To what capacity you want to pursue that is up to you! The point would be to make the player want to "complete" that "objective".

    But with all that being said, I didn't mind flying around as baby for a bit lol :)

    A fellow amateur's two cents, good luck!

  • Hey @SleepingSafari!

    Thanks so much for the feedback. I was trying out a system where you try and collect all of the stars or collectables as quickly as possible, but I think that the relaxing dream atmosphere should be the focus. I'll turn my efforts more towards building that!

    I'll definitely take all of this into consideration and will start to build the narrative as well.

    These are two valuable cents, so thanks so much!
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