Vuforia Augmented Reality & Unity

Hey guys

I'm busy a series of apps that will use Vuforia's Object Tracking to scan toys to unlock features. I have been busy with it for the past week and it's quite easy to setup and to manipulate for your own purpose.

The issue: The detection with Unity Android barely recognizes any object.
  • Does anyone have previous experience with this?
  • Anyone managed to fix this issue?

My attempts with no luck:
  • I have followed all instructions, tips and tricks (and random other 'solutions')
  • Built a light box to improve the setup of objects via Vuforia's Scanner App
  • Tried multiple approaches on how my points to gather per objects
  • Close up objects and/or far objects
  • Tried all combinations of settings in Unity (and multiple old/new Unity versions)

Object Scanner Guide reference:
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