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Hey guys

I'm busy a series of apps that will use Vuforia's Object Tracking to scan toys to unlock features. I have been busy with it for the past week and it's quite easy to setup and to manipulate for your own purpose.

The issue: The detection with Unity Android barely recognizes any object.
  • Does anyone have previous experience with this?
  • Anyone managed to fix this issue?

My attempts with no luck:
  • I have followed all instructions, tips and tricks (and random other 'solutions')
  • Built a light box to improve the setup of objects via Vuforia's Scanner App
  • Tried multiple approaches on how my points to gather per objects
  • Close up objects and/or far objects
  • Tried all combinations of settings in Unity (and multiple old/new Unity versions)

Object Scanner Guide reference:


  • Hi Guineapixel,

    Did you manage to solve the issue above?
  • Hi @SisandaAsante

    I had a chat with the Vuforia Support Team - all the issues links in with the Light Tent and Scanning of Objects.

    Here is a list of improvements I have applied, to the Light Tent and project :
    • All background surfaces are colored at 18% gray. An easy, off-the-shelf solution is to buy bed sheets near this color and drape everything in the environment that could be seen by the scanning device's camera.

    • No direct lighting. We use light boxes and/or diffusers to eliminate direct lighting upon the object and minimize any spectral reflections.

    • Utilize a 360 turntable to re-orient the device. This is especially helpful when you've set your environment to near ideal conditions within a limited area. You can spin the model and scan in 360 degrees without having to move around it.

    • Environmental factors such as lighting, shadows, spectral reflections, etc. can negatively affect tracking performance, so awareness of how the environment is interacting with your model is important for qualifying performance.

    But all and all, yes, it is resolved - even though we are still busy tweaking the Light Tent.
  • Hi GuineaPixel,

    I'm quite interested how far is your project? I'm interested in seen the demo
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