Looking for artist for YouTube project [paid work]

I'm working on a YouTube project talking about the Commodore 64, its components and making games on it.

I want to hire an artist who can create:
  • Backgrounds for my channel and Patreon page and
  • Assets for composing the video title thumbnail
  • Various, re-usable caricature poses of myself, computer components and game concepts to compose slides explaining concepts.
I have a minuscule budget of R1,500 a month for an artist and I'd prefer to hire someone locally (i.e. living in South Africa).

The style I'm looking for is in the vain of Gravity Falls, Steven Universe or Adventure Time.

I'm posting on MGSA because I have no idea where else to look for artists.

If you have any recommendations (about what I need, the budget, where/how to hire artists) please comment and if you're interested in the work, please PM me.
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    Hey, not exactly what you want, but there is tons of stuff on http://fiverr.com that'll be really cheap. Some things like logo intros are generally premade and then just re-rendered with your logo, but there are also totally custom caricature drawings and stuff.

    Side note, you might want to consider switching to a video editor that doesn't slap a red notice over the video. There are a bunch of free ones. I used to use Windows Live Movie Maker but I see its been discontinued. Here are some others http://www.techradar.com/news/the-best-free-windows-movie-maker-alternative (shortcut looks good)
  • Yeah, I've bought video editing software now and need to re-edit the videos to take the trial logo out.
  • Doh, I was just coming back to say I replied after only watching episode 1.
  • The videos have been updated :)
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