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Hey guys

I have been working on a 2D platformer game, Retro Pixel Smasher. The focus is to make it fun & challenging with a little story line to give it some meaning, survival mode for quick coin collections.

It would be great to get some help on ideas and improvements please. ( & if someone wants to help me code the shit out of it :D )

Initial Idea
  • 2D Platformer that is easy to control on mobile
  • Make use of some old/new school platformer game obstacles - but not to exactly mimic (mario, ice climber, meatboy)
  • Introducing new mechanics
  • Vertical game play - end of level is at top of level (where boss fights will be)
  • Arcade styled game feel with visuals and audio FX

The game is pretty much a long way from complete
  • Level building
  • level mechanics and obstacles
  • Powerups
  • Enemies and AI
  • Player Store/Upgrades
  • Overall polish of every element and testing

Open Beta [early access] on Google Play:

Guinea Pixel link to game overview and story line:

Any ideas and improvements & if someone wants to help me. (Unity C#)

See attached gifs for indication of gameplay, feel and visuals.

1024 x 500 - 280K
509 x 465 - 4M
512 x 911 - 6M
509 x 644 - 10M
253 x 258 - 9M
335 x 500 - 10M
512 x 370 - 5M


  • Played a little, this is a very nice game, presentation and execution. Only thing I would moan about is the somewhat forceful request for an email address when you click the save button and also the lack of an exit button of some sort (level and game).

    I can't offer my help, since I have a million things on my plate, but it looks like you are doing very well on your own. Good luck.
  • Thanks @critic for checking it out. The Save feature is for saving the game remotely - I will clarify this to the user, thanks.

    Yeah I have the same problem by working 9 hours a day and trying to finish my own projects 4-6 hours every night. I am beginning to notice that sleep is important being 30 lol :)
  • I like the idea. maybe have a 'dismemberment' feature.

    eg. since the characters look like skeletons. have a level with a small opening in the wall. have the player dismember a skeleton arm that can fit in the small opening. then explore or play the level as the dismembered part. hahahaha just a thought. i havent played the game. but i would draw ideas from already established mechanics and designs.

    good job so far.
  • haha I like your ideas :D Thanks @Kulu Hopefully I can get time for something like that!
  • @guineapixel I'm super busy right now, and haven't had a chance to play. Those gifs look very enticing though!

    I can't tell from the gifs what the coins get for the player. Is there a particular game that's inspiring you to put coins in?

    (Not saying I'm against coins, I love a lot of games built around collecting coins, I'm just wondering what you're doing with the coins)
  • @EvanGreenwood Thanks for checking out the post - yeah this time of the year is always super busy!

    Coins are used for the player upgrades and to customize character outfit/look. (See attached gif - I still have a lot items to do, the current items are placeholder/test and not final)

    The Mario type game play combined with Ice Climber basically forced me to use coins...without it, it feels super empty and incomplete...almost against the rules of making a retro game lol.

    509 x 886 - 8M
  • Underground Level Theme with new Lighting effects :) and finished Flying Enemy AI :)

    Bat AI.gif
    509 x 475 - 10M
  • I love Pixel games. Will never grow tired of it or of pixel art. This looks like fun
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  • Thanks @dcadjust :) If you get a chance, can you please play it and let me know of anything major that can get some improvement e.g. controls, difficulty etc.
  • Thanks @dcadjust :) If you get a chance, can you please play it and let me know of anything major that can get some improvement e.g. controls, difficulty etc.
    I've been playing your game and I'm having fun with it. (Playing on a Samsung Galaxy tab S2)
    So there are a lot of good things to say about the game.
    For me personally the challenge is fine. different games have different levels of difficulty and this worked for me as is.
    The game runs smooth and error free, no crashes or technical issues.
    Controls are spot on.
    The effect of killing an enemy -that little screen shake and shattering bones is very satisfying so over all for a mobile game it is solid.
    But you are no here to hear how good your game is you want to know how to make it even better and I can share three points that came to mind while playing
    1.) I'm saying this with the disclaimer that I only played the first few levels so far so this may not be applicable to later levels. The levels feel very samey I would like to see some more diversity. for example level 1 to 3 feels almost identical in layout to me.
    2.) In the first boss fight I got stuck between the boss and the side of the screen more than once. I then lost all three hearts, Maybe allow the player a second or two to escape after taking damage otherwise they may feel cheated.
    3.) A minor gripe, I don't like the red flash/slash the character is throwing. It would be cool if you could spice it up a little.'It looks out of place for some reason

    That's it from me, Good luck with your game.

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  • Great feedback! Yes I totally agree with you on all 3 points.

    1) Will change layouts of first 3 levels to give a different natural feel. (the more levels are built, the more level mechanics = different approach on level layouts)

    2) Few friends have pointed this out to me - will fix.

    3) Will replace current player bullet with something with a better visual feel.

    Thanks a million! Cheers
  • Just a shout out to @stofStorm who is helping me finishing Retro Pixel Smasher. He is creating assets and working on some cool new level mechanics to create puzzle based section. A perfect match and mindset I required to help me get things done. Thanks @stofStorm :)

    Sneak peak to a WIP Jungle Themed level with Seesaw platforms and a Spear trap. We will do extra level decorations and assets once all levels are built.

    497 x 501 - 6M
  • Quick update: Underground theme Boss section 90% done :)

    Now to test the difficulty on a mobile device... does anyone know what is too difficult for mobile? Platformer difficulty for mobile is always a question mark in my eyes.

    508 x 527 - 13M
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