Looking for anyone interested in making a game in their spare time, Duelyst inspired.

Thusfar the idea is, A Necromancer faces of against a few enemies in a basic level. Gameplay wise it is much like Duelyst, in terms of the battle system and movement.

I am an artist, foremost, so I would be better suited at contributing concept art wise.

I have artwork here:

If you are interested in the idea, message me here or you may email me at coredeep888@gmail.com
I don't have any specific time-frame in mind. I think it could be cool to collaborate on something like this.

Any ideas and or comments are welcome:)
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  • I made this as a early concept for the Necromancer, still needs work I believe:)
    500 x 500 - 29K
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  • As a fellow fan of Duelyst I'm interested to see how far your concept goes :P
    I'm also mainly an artist so I'm not sure if I'd be much help and even then I'm a bit swamped with work xD
    However if you do want some help with art or something feel free to contact me and if I'm available I'll try help out, I wouldn't say I'm an amazing artist but I can handle Pixel sprites with some competence
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