The Drone


Not bad for a 3D Game Engine that everybody told me was rubbish, looks better then a lot of the Unity games that I have seen in my opinion?
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  • The ship model looks nice! I feel like its material looking the same across the board (i.e. all of it seems 100% reflective, 100% glossy?) and the absence of any meaningful lighting don't really do it justice.

    The controls make absolutely no sense to me. Why would you not be turning, looking up and down using your mouse, or with some smoother interpolation of your rotation? Pressing Ctrl jilts me into what seems like looking straight down, and makes controlling the ship super frustrating. With all of the movement keys jerking the ship around in fixed angles, it's hard to tell what's happening. It looks pretty cool, and I like ship flying games, and I want to play this, but I can't because of the controls. :(

    Work in whatever game engine gets you to make your game the easiest. Having it "look better than a Unity game" is a really strange goal, given that games tend to look good or bad almost entirely based on the skill of the artists working on the game and how much time they have to work on it. (There are great-looking and awful-looking games in every game engine. The only difference that the tools make is how long it takes to make it look good and what the possibility space is.)
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  • Hi, nice job on your first prototype post :) I can see from the UI that you have much more planned than what's in there so far.

    Visually, it looked fine, though everything is very dark, you definitely need some additional lighting in there.

    I have to echo the input feedback, the rotate up/down keys (ctrl/space) just seemed to rotate you to fixed alternate rotations, instead of actually rotating you as you hold the key down. If you intend to keep the player on a set plane, that's fine, but then it doesn't really seem to serve much purpose. If you do want the player to move freely in 3D space, either allow the rotate keys to actually rotate the player each frame (like your left/right keys, but for local horizontal axis) or consider switching to a more traditional mouse look input.

    One more bit of feedback (sorry, it's also negative :( ), but consider dropping the key sound when turning, it gets really annoying :)

    On the engine, It's nothing that couldn't be achieved in any other engine (Unity included), but as @Elyaradine said, that's not really important :) Use whatever engine you find yourself most productive in.

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