[EVENT] Free Lives SA Game Jam 2017

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Free Lives is sponsoring another SA Game Jam! We have yet to confirm the prizes, but it's likely to be similar to last year: i.e. Some cash money and a trip to AMAZE Johannesburg and expo space there up for grabs, and prizes for categories like "Student", "Hobbyst", "Diversity", "Best Narrative" and "Best Visuals" etc. FREE LIVES is running a game jam! The prizes will be announced soon.

Here's the Facebook event:www.facebook.com/events/156555761580565 Please RSVP here if you intend to enter this competition, we want to have an idea of numbers going in (the more people who enter the more prizes we can justify giving away).

The jam is open to everyone in SA, and you (and your team if you have one) can participate from anywhere, but if you want to join us at the Bandwidth Barn in real life please leave your vote in the discussions page of the Facebook event.

The theme will be announced, and jamming commences, at 6pm on Friday the 1st of September

Jamming ends after 48 hours at 6pm on Sunday the 3rd of September, with 2 hours grace for submitting.

Optionally you can extend your jam to 6pm on Monday the 4th of September(after 72 hours), so long as you stipulate this in your submission. Some games need a little extra time to cook. We will try to factor in the extra time when judging.

- Student (studying full time and have a student card)
- Hobbyist (not a student, but don't make games for a living)
- Diversity (not a straight, white male) (PM us at the time of submission if you would like to opt into this category)
- Overall (open to all)

- Student, Hobbyist and Diversity category winners will each receive R2500
- Best Art R2000
- Best Audio R2000
- Technical Excellence R2000
- Best Narrative R2000
- Overall Winner gets R5000
- Three entrants will be exhibited at A MAZE JHB!
- The overall winner will exhibit their game at Amaze 2017 and do a five minute hypertalk
- An additional prize of a trip to A MAZE JHB 2017 to be awarded at the judges' discretion (this includes a flight to JHB from anywhere in SA and an entry ticket to A MAZE, it excludes accommodation)

To enter the competition, start a thread titled “[SA Game Jam 2017] NameOfYourGame" in Make Games SA's “Online Competitions and Jams” category and post your progress there (makegamessa.com). Please don't post design ideas and ambitions, posting that won't help you achieve your goals.
As you release files, edit your first post to point to the most recent versions available.
You must include the following info:
- Jam name (SA Game Jam 2017)
- Project name
- Level of experience (Professional, Hobbyist or Student)
- 48hr entry / 72hr entry
Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with and follow the Make Games forum guidelines! (http://makegamessa.com/discussion/4108/forum-guidelines-faq)

Other people will reply to your post with their feedback and ideas. Please do your best to take any and all feedback as positively as you can and use it to make your game better.
Participating by engaging in feedback on your own and other entries will be taken into account.
Fixing / tweaking your own entry based on feedback received will also be taken into account.

The entries will be judged by a panel of judges (to be announced closer to the time), one week after the deadline.

- Competition starts on 1st of September 2017
- Deadline for entries is 3rd September2017, 23:59 (UTC+2).
- You can enter as an individual or as a team.
- Use whichever language, tool or development system you are comfortable in.
- Your game must contain all files needed for it to run and should not require other bulky systems to be downloaded or installed, exceptions are browser plugins like Flash and self-contained DLLs distributed with the game.
- While any fixes post-jam will be taken into account, the version submitted at the time of the deadline will be played and judged, so make sure it is PLAYABLE WITHOUT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NOT CONTAINED IN THE GAME.
- Competition is open to entry for South African residents over the age of 18.
- You retain all copyright to your work.
- The use of copyrighted material will not be tolerated. Do not steal!
- All risk or liability in case of copyright infringement or other legal issue resides with the entrant, Free Lives and MGSA takes no responsibility for entered games.
- The judges’ decision is final and no negotiation will be entered into.

- Please bring R150 for lunch/dinner for the weekend
- If you are submitting a 72 hour game, Free Lives and the Bandwidth Barn will be unable to host on Monday.


  • @DizziLimpho hey, the facebook event link is missing.
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  • Definitely in! (Don't have FB so I am RSVP'ing here) \:D/
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    Super looking forward to it!

    Anyone want to team up? I can offer skills in coding/dev, 3d stuff (not really too good with anim and rigging), and sound.

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  • Me and my partner in crime is super keen to do this!
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    Hey Folks!

    This is the criteria Evan has said will be used to judge the games at the Jam - it's the same as last year but we'd like to have this here so people know what to expect. Please don't hesitate to ask questions! :)

    The judging method for the art and audio categories are *relatively* easy to describe. In that the art and audio would be judged based on a combination of execution (in terms of mastery demonstrated), innovation (in terms of exploring novel techniques) and integration (in terms of consistency and supporting the other elements of the game, including supporting the theme).

    For the general categories, like "Student" or "Overall", the games that are eligible for the category will be judged on several aspects...

    Adherence and use of the theme. A game that ignores the theme completely won't be eligible no matter how awesome, while a game that embodies the theme, and/or explores it in a novel way, would increase the game's award chances.

    Novelty. If the game is entirely a clone of an existing game it will not be eligible no matter how perfect the replication. However if the game is new and interesting in some way(s) it will increase the game's award chances. I use the word "Novelty" and not "Experimental", because it is not the quality of being different that I think we should reward, but rather the quality of being interesting.

    The experience. This of course includes art and audio (if applicable), but also the technical execution (if applicable), the writing (if applicable) and the gameplay design (if applicable). I'm saying "the experience" rather than "the polish" because I think the polishing of games can always be done post-jam if the game shows potential (and, as has been mentioned, improving the game post-jam will be taken note of when judging the games). Depending on the game, a certain degree of polish can help improve the experience, but the level of polish itself will not be evaluated. The more enjoyable, memorable, or the more thought-provoking, the experience, the higher the game's award chances.

    Technical Excellence! This will go to the game that achieves a novel experience through overcoming a technical challenge. This isn't going to necessarily be rewarded to the most technically ambitious entry, but rather to the entry that produces the most novel experience reliant on achieving something technically ambitious within the constraints of a game jam.

    Best Narrative! This will go to the game that tells the most engaging narrative, the narrative that is best integrated into the gameplay, and the narrative that best supports the theme. This is not necessarily about having the best written words, all the elements of the narrative will be considered (including, where applicable, the spoken words, the descriptions of objects, actors and places, the character attributes, the cues from the environment, the interface itself, the events of the game and so on. i.e. Everything that adds to the narrative from the icon of the executable to the moment the game closes).

    Lastly, participating on the forums, and demonstrating an ability and willingness to grow as a developer (or developers) and help others do the same. This will not be weighted as strongly as the other factors, but will swing ties between equally worthy games. We're not looking for tons of vapid posts, but what we don't want to see is developers spending a weekend making a game only to drop it cold and never learn to fix any of the problems that come up through feedback (and so possibly doom the developers to repeat these missteps).
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    My friend and I are amped. Edit: RVSP'ing
  • Hey folks!

    The Facebook link works now so pretty please RSVP there, or if you are gonna RSVP here please write you names so i can keep track of numbers for catering and planning spaces etc.

    Thanks! :)
  • Awesome, just RSVP'd. Looking forward to the Jam as this will be my first. Wish I could be at the venue but its a bit hard to get my PC all the way down to CT, haha. Ill physically attend the next Jo'burg one though.
  • Hey guys, I am in contact with the Goethe Institue who is likely to provide a venue for Joburg (it's near Rosebank). It's a super rad venue :) I'll make a new thread about it and talk about organisation.
  • NOTE

    I've just updated the prize list - we can now announce that the winning game will be exhibited at Amaze 2017 AND will get to do a five minute hyper talk :D
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  • Okay, we've secured the Goethe Institute as a venue, here's a thread for it, if you'd like to attend a physical jam in Joburg (ALWAYS ALWAYS better to jam and hang with peeps!), please come holler in the thread :)

  • Hey hey. I would love to join someone's team as an artist. Wink wink nudge nudge etc. If you'd like to see more art, go look here: http://www.wesselmatthews.com/ I'm in Cape Town, and hope to still be at the time of the jam.

    Please don't make me go into this alone. ^_^
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  • I'm definitely in! I am extremely new at game making and this is going to be the big challenge that I'll build up for :) I won't physically attend this one but will go for it from the confines of this lovely office chair I'm sitting on. Can't wait for the challenge!

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  • @Wes_Matthews You're too talented to go it alone (unless you wanted to), or worse, not make a game at all!
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