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Due to some personal circumstances, I'm a bit late with this, but yes IESA will be having a stand at EGE again this year. If you would be interested in showing your game at the stand please let me know.

We are doing things slightly differently this year and will be charging non-IESA members R200 if they would like to use the space.

If you're interested please reply to this thread or email me at nickhall [at] iesa [dot] org [dot] za


  • We'll see you there (got our own table).
    Anyone else?
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  • What is the plan/situation/happenings here?
  • @nAvTVeSports: dude, what are you going on about? Before I even get to your actions today, let's take apart what you're saying...
    lol, I saw 2 people that where not devs at IESA booth
    if what you mean is that we only had 2 people that were not involved in manning the stand, then that's simply not true. During the best chunk of today most of the games were at capacity. I think that's like 12 people. Perhaps it quieted down a bit near the end of the day, but when you came to the stand there were many more than just 2 people there - so this seems like an outright lie.

    If you meant that we had non-developers helping run the booth (I don't think this is what you meant): we had many people help man the stand that weren't developers and there is zero issue with this. In fact, we're very thankful for these people taking time to help.
    did not even have a sign board
    There was a sign that was pointing towards the entrance. Here's proof. Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of the awesome display by Render Heads that had very clear signage in the other direction (you can see the edge of it in my photo). Sure, signage could have been better, but there certainly was some.
    and now they are trying to charge almost 5 grand for their silly membership fee
    IESA membership was not required for having space at the stand. The OP very clearly states that anyone could get space for just R200, which is minuscule in comparison to other booth space. The thread has zero to do with IESA membership fee.
    And Amaze is still promoting adult click bait
    This has zero to do with IESA or the stand at EGE.

    People like @LexAquillia put in a lot of effort to get us a stand at EGE. One of the main focusses of a stand like that is to grow the local community and increase the awareness for people that often feel excluded from making games. Considering the number of people I spoke to today that were genuinely interested in the local scene and kept coming back to play the games or ask questions, I think it has been a success (so far, there's still one day left). Can we improve on stuff? Sure, but it seems like you have an continued vendetta against MGSA you're trying to promote with lies...

    Now on to your conduct today... You approached the stand and I believe I was your first point of contact. I gave you the normal spiel about the stand until you indicated you knew what was going on, at which I basically left you to explore on your own. In this interaction you asked about Danny (an ex-MGSA member now BTW) and I indicated he was busy teaching someone a game (BTW, that one table with Danny had 3 other people that weren't associated with the stand). You looked around a bit and then you left.

    A while later you returned to the stand and very quickly confronted Danny and proceeded to violently shout at him. I say violently because you moved to less than 30cm from his face and you were shaking your hands around. I will note that Danny was clearly agitated by this show of aggression, but was speaking relatively calmly, not shouting. Eventually you stopped and left the stand. I was watching this interaction because I was worried that you would get physically violent and endanger the other people at the stand. My only regret is that I didn't record you abominable behaviour.

    I think you need to get some professional help.
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  • Just a note, that level of aggressive behaviour is enough to warrant interfering. No one needs to wait for things to get physically violent. I'm sorry this happened. How shit
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    @LexAquillia Thanks for orginising a awesome stand and giving us all an oppertunity to meet and show off what we do / create ! GG <3
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  • @dammit: Agreed. At the time I was hoping that the situation would de-escalate and thought interfering might have made the aggressor felt cornered and lash out. In hindsight I should probably have gotten the expo security involved. I felt like the behaviour was targeted and unlikely to affect others, but that might be short-sighted thinking.
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  • Oh that was just a general comment. I can understand why you didn't interfere.
  • Nice work on the stand! The Kinect thing was a really cool little attraction to get the attention of people walking past. I unfortunately only got time to play 1 game (Danny's juicier than an orange ball game).

    @LexAquillia If I could suggest something for next time (and rage) is having a small section/signage for MGSA. I spoke to about 10 people that were trying to get into the game making scene and had no idea about MGSA or meetups. It would be nice to have a stack of MGSA business cards to be able to hand out (I just wrote it on the back of my VALA cards).
  • @roguecode - nice suggestion regarding MGSA as I also spent a lot of time telling people about it.
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  • Gawd that guy is a douche.
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  • Thanks for the support everyone and I hope you all had a good show, I'm sorry I couldn't be there over the weekend...but New York.

    Thanks for your suggestions, I will definitely have a more dedicated community space next time!
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