SmallHexWorld (working title)

This is a little thing I've been working on since submitting it to the last Ludum Dare (the theme was "Small World").
My plan is to polish it up a little more, then put it on the google play store and see what people think of it - maybe I'll see if I can make a few bucks off it?


Following feedback from the last Cape Town meetup, what I'm working on now is improving the visual feedback, especially with scoring. Almost every single player asks "what's that value in brackets?", and most have a query about how exactly the scores are calculated at some point.
Ideally this should all be clear without having to read text, but I suspect getting all that information across to the player would require animation/art skills that I just don't have.

Once I feel like I've got that up to scratch, I'll see if I can add some new features - there were quite a few cool suggestions at the meetup :)

Let me know what you think! I am very open to suggestions for a better name!

Check it out on!
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  • YO. Gave this a bash. I kinda like it. It's nice and zen. In my mind. Wasn't really thinking too hard about the numbers.

    I was just like
    - cities not next to cities
    - farms next to water
    - nothing next to wastelands.

    I assumed though that when you filled up the board the game would end. And I'd enjoy what I'd created. Then I realised you can place certain pieces on top of other pieces <- that's not communicated anywhere!

    What I was having fun doing was creating the perfect lil world. Just aesthetically. That was fun. Maybe the reason I played a lot longer than I originally thought.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts.
  • I enjoyed this as a quick little distraction.

    As @sugboerie said, I only discovered I could place additional tiles once I filled up the board-but that's really fine. There's not really a ton of other discovery so that was interesting. In fact, I might have enjoyed a bit more discovery-if there was some visible way to see which tiles benefitted each other and which negatively affected each other, you could completely lose the description and just let the player figure it out as they play. I personally think that suits a game like this a bit better.

    I'd like to see more tiles, and more relationships between the tiles, for a little more complexity. I found the degrading of one of my farm tiles to a wasteland interesting, but it seemed a bit random. If there's some rule there, great, it's something to discover. If not, consider basing it on a rule (say a farm degrades from some starting value over time to become a wasteland).
  • Thanks for the feedback - I think it only gets interesting once you understand all the rules, and to understand the rules, you need to read the walls of text, which is not ideal.

    I've uploaded an update which has a bit more eye candy/visual feedback for the wasteland effects. I think if I push in this direction a bit more I might be able to get away with minimal text for all the tile types.

    @mattbenic I deliberately didn't communicate the tile-placing-over-other-tiles thing for precisely that reason, add a little discovery for the player.
    Once I've got the visual feedback for the basic rules sorted, I'd like to add some more tile types/mechanics which will hopefully add some more depth.
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